Tuesday Teaser

As promised, here is today’s teaser! Once again it’s from Vynasha Part 2, A Wylder Tale. If you feel clueless while reading this, stay tuned for Part One’s upcoming release! 



Before the castle walls had glowed with some strange otherworldly floating lights. But out here the land was the pale amber and rose hues of a golden sunset. Snow fell peacefully rather than violently and she could hardly feel the bitter sting of cold. The brisk wind was refreshing rather, welcoming her. She looked down to find the roses the Prince had given her. Blood red petals had been replaced by pure and glowing white. She reached down slowly to touch them and the feeling is euphoric in a way only her mother could have understood.

These were her roses, forged by the earth and cold and her blood. They were as much a part of her as she was them. She felt in her skirts for her dagger and frowned when she felt nothing but silk and velvet pleats. Where was her dagger? She looked around for the tools Hvalla often tucked away for her when she was careless. But there was no stash, no wooden chest to protect their things from the elements. And Hvalla was nowhere to be found today.

Vynasha dug her fingers in the earth but it did not feel as solid as it had before. In fact the world seemed to blur and contort shape, so the stone walls faded away and a dark silhouetted stood vigil over a virgin sun. That was when she knew this was a dream, one of his dreams.

“Grendall?” she called. He kept his back to her and she could not help but to trace his frame with her eyes. It felt like forever since she had seen him. Had it been days or moons?

“You came back,” he whispered and the sound carried clear as if he spoke beside her.

She flinched and turned her focus to the roses. They needed tending, whether this was his dream or no. So she pruned them with her fingers. The thorns pricked her skin and unveiled the violet hued blood beneath her fingertips. She stared in wonder as she touched the white roses with it and the liquid only made them shine like stars.

“You came back even though I told you not to,” he continued roughly, stronger now. “I did not ask you to invade my dreams, Vynasha.”

“It’s not as though I wanted to come,” she practically snarled back at him and then sighed. That was not the truth, but lies were easier, weren’t they?

“Yes, lies are always easier,” he answered her thoughts aloud and suddenly standing before her. Instead of a moonlit gray pallor, his skin shone like hot white coals, like the sun gleaming behind him. But his white eyes were sad and angry still. “Lies are what have surrounded your entire life, Ashes. And you are still not ready for the truth. You choose to remain that weak little girl, afraid all the terrible things that have happened are somehow her fault.”

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Vynasha Love

I’m working on part two of my Vynasha, Wylder Tales series and I’m beyond excited about the possibilities! It’s interesting trying to share things with y’all about a sequel. Because I know for a fact VERY few of you even know what Vynasha is. Most of you are probably wondering what’s up with the name and how ever will you pronounce that? Just try it with a Slavic accent and you’ll come close ;) 

Anywho, I can barely keep my eyes open right now from sleep deprivation, but inspiration hit me just right. And it was after a few episodes of X-Files. Not sure what that says about my creative process when I’m writing high fantasy. I actually told my husband that watching that show makes me feel smarter because of all their scientific jargon they throw around. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Pull up Netflix and try a few episodes.

So I have an outline that will get me to at least nineteen chapters! 

I’d love to tell you more details. Like what this story’s all about. But for the sake of my job performance tomorrow, I’ll just offer a snippet teaser. 

“A sea of endless days and nights followed her trek through the mountains until her hunger and winter’s wrath won. The green eyed wolves followed her down the silver path, until she passed through the gate into a lost realm. ” – Vynasha, Part 2

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Tuesday Teaser

Woohoo! Another Tuesday has rolled around and I’m ready to share more of the latest from my new novel, Wylderland :)


The castle was always dark and drafty. But now the walls seemed to ripple and shiver with moonlight. And tiny blue lights floated ahead of her path, past the tapestries watching her trek through the forbidden halls. She felt no fear and wondered why she could hear no distant roar of the beasts. She froze when a dimly glowing figure stepped out of the shadows.

“You are not truly here!” the rough voice growled, a voice she had come know and crave best.

“Grendall?” she said, but when she moved to greet him her feet were stuck to the carpet. She looked up in panic and gasped to find he had moved closer. Still too far away, yet close enough she could see haunted silver eyes and the fresh scrapes along his jaw.

“Leave me!” He thrust a palm in her direction, as though to ward her away. When she did not move he turned desperate. “No! She cannot be here!” He shook his fists at the air and looked everywhere but her. He sucked in a sharp breath and squeezed his lids tightly shut. “Please do not let her in…do not let her in.”

“Is this a dream?” she wondered aloud. She longed to reach out and touch him, but an invisible force held her back.

He rubbed a hand over his face and let it hang lifeless to his side. His hair fell into his eyes and still he would not look at her. “This is my dream,” he murmured.

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Ten Reasons For Happiness

lt FrancisI’m a year older today. My birthday falls on Bastille Day, the same day that the White Stripes formed and the day my grandmother was born. I know that about the White Stripes in part because their music is fantasmatic, or something tubular like that. But I know about Bastille Day, French Independence Day, because of Grandma. Because she was actually in France during World War 2 as an army nurse and got to have fireworks for her birthday gift. I mention my grandma with more than a little sadness. All my life I’ve shared this special day with her. For my birthday today, I learned a few small things. Things that as a child I would have never stopped to notice.J n G '90


  1. Little gifts make the best presents.
  2. You’re never too old for action figures.
  3. People can still surprise you.
  4. More people care than you realize.
  5. The best present is love.
  6. The last was cheesy, but so, so, true.
  7. Work colleagues can also be true friends.
  8. Hang on tightly to those memories.
  9. It’s harder to be sad than happy.
  10. Stay young at heart, and occasionally of mind.


Happy Birthday July 14thMy day began with some sweetness from the hubby and some bittersweet thoughts and emotions. We lost Grandma last year but I was reminded that there are so many things to be happy and grateful about. And I am reminded that the reason we should celebrate our day is not because it’s about gratification. But because of all the people, both family and friends in our lives who helped make and shape us into who we are. We celebrate together because we’re still here, one more day, one more step and one more breath.

Thank you to everyone both new and old in my life who make it such a wonderful one!

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Teaser Tuesday!

 Last night’s rant was cathartic for me to the point I was able to start working on the sequel to Vynasha, A Wylder Tale! In case you aren’t clued in, Wylder Tales is my upcoming YA Fantasy Saga, a series of fairy tale re-telling’s. But these aren’t your average fairy tales. Swing over to the tab above to learn more :D

Meantime, enjoy this teaser trailer!



Whispers in the dark haunted Vynasha for so long, she woke to a suffocating silence. Her fingers sought purchase of the hilt of her dagger but found only the fur blankets she was cocooned in. Desperation and the disquiet in her soul made her more awares than her nightmares. The room she was in was dark and filled with smoke from a nearby fire. Her cot hugged a log wall and the fire sat at the very center of the strange house. The smoke rose up through a small hole above, but the air was still permeated with the foul stench.

When she blinked, a memory of scalding ash and licking flames passed behind her eyelids. She threw aside her covers and hobbled on unsteady legs. She reached out to grasp the cabin wall and followed the rough texture until she found a groove, a crack that framed the closed doorway. Her lungs began to burn by the time she managed to push the door out.

For a terrifying moment all she could see was white, blinding light. And blindly, she stumbled out into the unknown, out of desperation rather than desire. Her fur wrapped feet sank into ankle deep snow and her arms flailed as she sought her bearings. Distantly she thought she could hear voices again and weighed whether or not to fear them. Yet she missed the ever present whispers of the castle walls and it drove her now towards these strangers. For the first time she noticed a numb, lingering pain in her thigh, like the memory of a wound. But when she reached down she felt no bandage over her nightdress and could not recall having trouble with the leg before.

The outline of trees began to take shape, like gray silhouettes in her blurred vision. Figures darted to and from round structures in the near distance and froze at her approach.

A child screamed and a mother tried to silence him.

Vynasha froze and felt the tears brew in her eyes.

Witch, they had whispered behind her back in the village of Whistleande. The children were afraid of her and while all loved her roses, they kept a safe distance from her.

From my face.

She reached up to cover her face and could feel the textured scarring the ashes had left on her tarnished complexion. She blotted out the sound of the children screaming in the distance and distant memory.

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Artistic Focus

This past week I’ve struggled with a time I know all of us face. A lack of hope, a burden of nothing but ourselves. Sounds familiar? 

Lately I have felt my underseaconfidence fall to the wayside, not because of anyone or any particular reason. The real enemy has been myself. I’ve been seeking to learn how to be a better writer, a better business woman if you will. Because all writers are their own business workers. And most of us, while we have a small nucleus of helpers and teachers and friends along the way, are left to our own devices. It is up to us to make a difference, to live up to the expectations and to keep pushing ourselves harder. 

In my effort to find this drive and momentum, I feel like I lost a piece of myself along the way. And I think that it is largely due to the fact that I’ve been thinking of this too much like a business. I’ve been trying to take myself too seriously. When the truth is, I write books because I love it. Not to make a fortune, though I wouldn’t turn it away ;) but because I’m miserable when I’m not writing. For so long I’ve focused solely on writing for the pleasure of it, while seeking to better myself in little ways. And I’ve learned so much just by reading other Indie authors, by looking into other author’s journeys. 

But I can’t help looking at my acquaintances and friends and thinking sometimes, am I not doing enough? Is there some secret I don’t know? Is it even worth it? It’s the same dilema I discovered in college. I was an art major, because I loved it, and art has always been a talent that came easiest to me. I loved finding new ways to express it in drawing. And I shuddered every day in design class when I was forced to cut up pieces of construction paper. 

I loved the freedom and not so mQeya: Heaven's Edge Iuch the structure. I loved how my college courses pushed me to create more and more pieces than I ever had in high school. I found I could do more and be better than I ever expected to be and I loved that. I loved learning. 

But somewhere around my second semester I began to have my doubts. My friends were also very good in different ways. And some of them were very good. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who seem to whip out masterpieces with very little effort. And I made the mistake of letting myself be inadequate. I thought that I might never be as good. The worst problem was that I knew I couldn’t make a viable living just off of art, unless I wanted to be a teacher. I wasn’t convinced I had what it takes. So I quit.

I wish so much that I had stuck with it. Because I learned a few years later, when I wasn’t under the same pressures, that being around other talented artists made me better. It made me strive to be better than status quot. 

There is a universal truth about art that a lot of artists forget. Art is what you make of it. And therein lies its beauty. While it’s obvious between a piece of little effort and great effort, you can’t always judge a piece by its cover. Something simple could take longer than what seems to be an elaborateInspirARTion masterpiece. 

A few years ago, I let my self doubts rule my head. But I won’t let it happen this time. As hard as the journey has been at times, I will keep on striving. And I encourage you to do the same. Don’t give up because you trip and stumble along the way, because you feel inadequate or lost. If we keep going we will eventually find our way.

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Teaser Tuesday

Thought I’d bring an oldie but goody back. Also, y’all will find it hilarious that I spent a good hour earlier this evening, or “yesterday” trying on different themes for this website. None of them satisfied me and so I gave in and brought the old one back. Good news? I fixed a few widgets and updated them. lol Better luck next time. 

Tonight, I have a teaser for you from a short story I’m dressing up for a good friend of mine. Enjoy!


The little girl who named me sat on her stool and pressed her hand to the wall, where my hand pushed through. Our fingertips brushed together. A smile crossed her too solemn face.

“Una? Why don’t you come out of the wall and meet my mommy and daddy? I tried telling them about you again and they told me to start playing a different game. Why won’t you meet them?”

Pain pricked my solid heart. Ever since the day she started speaking to me it beats more steadily again. “I cannot fade away. The walls are my home.”

Confusion and frustration crossed her miniature features, a smaller prettier version of her mother. “But Una, how will we ever really go to England together if you can’t ever leave home?”

“I cannot fade away.” I didn’t know how to be solid like the others. Every time I had tried whatever tied me to the walls closed a tighter grip round me instead.

“No!” She pushed away from the wall, stamped her foot. She was angry with me. I couldn’t blame her. “Una you just haven’t tried hard enough! Why won’t you try?!”

Before I could open my mouth to answer, her mother entered the room with fear and hatred in her eyes. “Adele, darling, who are you talking to?”

“I’m talking to Una, mother! Can’t you see her? I want her to come out of the wall and move with us but she won’t try like she promised!”

Mother froze and refused to look my way. I always wondered what would happen if Adele’s mother actually tried to look. She snatched her daughter by the arm. “Come downstairs, darling. You’ve spent enough time cooped up indoors.”

“No! Not without Una!”

“Do not argue with me this time Adele! We’re leaving now!”

“No! No! Una! Una!” She cried and her hand reached out for me screamed, “UNA!”

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Silver Hollow is FREE!


cropped-amie-v1.jpgTwo years ago I published my first full-length novel, Silver Hollow. It’s a story about a girl, a castle and a colorful cast of wacky characters. Rest assured there is plenty of magic, destiny and wonders to behold. And as it is my first novel, it holds its fair share of mistakes. My writing was not so polished at the time and the story I wanted to tell was almost too big to fit into one novel. But today, for the first time in ages, you can purchase Silver Hollow on Amazon Kindle for FREE. For the next four days you can purchase Silver Hollow and escape into Amie’s fantastical world. Come discover the one that started it all and try not to get lost in Silver Hollow. You might run into a batch of Gremlins!



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Stay Book Trailer

Stay Book Trailer

Here is the treat I promised! The very first teaser book trailer for Stay! Please be sure to click on the picture to follow the link and then share with your friends!

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Reviews and Tours!

Reviews and Tours!

Click on the picture to find my review for The Three Graces, by Michele Wolfe!

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