Do What?

Hey everyone, or rather the mysterious random stranger who happens upon this blog…

I’m starting this because it seems every other entertainer out there has one of these dedicated to their work. And as I am currently officially unfortunately a media producer of novellas and some traditional art, I had to add my own voice to the masses.

I’ve been writing since I was about nine years old, but like every other writer who tells you they’re life story, I’ve been writing long before that. It comes from being practically an only child with artistic tendencies and an eccentric family. Or some variation of the combination.

Throughout my teens I never had much confidence and honestly far too many different interests to focus on one talent. I swear I’m not trying to be conceited! It’s the honest goodness truth.
I was in advanced art classes but also competing in the school choir. I wrote novels but I also took piano lessons and dabbled with theater while it was still fun.

Unfortunately there is no degree in life that allows for that combination, at least none you don’t have to sell an organ to finance.
So here I am, on the right side of twenty-five, living at home after trying on my own twice, working a job I sort of like so I have the time to devote to the things I love.

And you, dear reader are now being sucked into my not so conventional world.

Enjoy the adventure!


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