Lessons From Indie Authors!

If any of you are like me, starving struggling artists (care to raise your hands?) then you probably receive the monthly letters from Amazon or whichever online organization you’re publishing with.
Half the time I’m too busy to read them immediately, but occasionally I come across little gems that remind me why I save them.

Reality Check With CreateSpace

So far I have only begun to read this and let me tell you what an eye opener it’s been!
Usually I talk it up like I don’t need editors or proper grammar, which I had always loathed in school. But this article and recent experience have humbled me into recognition that once again, I don’t hold all the answers.

Margaret Mitchell may have written unlike anyone else and may be my hero, but fact is I’m not Margaret Mitchell!

So keep that in mind peeps, when you start pursuing whatever your craft may be. Never get a big head just because you self publish.
Some Indie authors like me may understand this tiny ounce of self-entitlement we can feel just because you can say, “I did it.”

I read a statistic recently that said something like 90% of Americans intend to write a book. But how many actually accomplish it?
About one percent I believe.

Which is why I went ahead and published Qeya, even though I know it’s not a thing of brilliance, just a bit of personal love. So my advice to you?

Do what you intend to do! Go through with it, even if you make mistakes! The more the merrier because there is something to say for going for it.

But once you go for it, take a hint from all the frustrated bloggers and reviewers and fine tune your craft!

Lav luv loves


P.S: If anyone is interested in reading a novel that is the perfect Indie example of getting it done, check out my latest read!

The Frey Saga

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