Werewolves Strike Back!

In the Dark leaps quickly into the world of Werewolves and shows you a side of our other favorite monster you’ve never met. Greyson manages to do for Werewolves what True Blood did for Vamps, gives them a fun, slightly campy yet always edgy, dark love story. It is a love letter to the wolves and fans alike, giving them the star-crossed tale this rarely realized genre deserves.

I did it again! Reviewed another novel even though I had said I hardly ever did. Hmm…maybe I should more often? 
Anyways, I felt like this book deserved a little recognition. At times it was almost too happy-go-lucky for a werewolf novel, because everything happens so fast and perfectly for Zoe’s character. But trust me, keep on reading because it is a whole lot of fun!

I’ve always loved Werewolf stories better than Vampires. Maybe it’s because they aren’t so widely represented? Seriously, have you tried to find a decent Werewolf movie lately? What’s the big deal? And what’s the deal with them being the side-kicks and/or loser competition next to Vampires?

Underworld did a better job of letting us see the other side in “Rise of the Lycans” and the debauched screen version of “Blood and Chocolate” is better than most of the others. But I’m still waiting for something that packs a bigger punch…

Another rant:

Why do movie makers HAVE to change the plots to our favorite novels? Seriously, would it have been that difficult to hire a kick-ace CGI team to make the wolves like they were supposed to be?

Besides the point, this is why I was so happy with “In the Dark”, because for once there were NO vamps and the wolves really were that awesome.
It’s not going on my list of favorites necessarily, but I have a healthy dose of respect for anyone who tries to pump up this brand of monster genre.

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