A fresh look sometimes means a fresh start. 

If you’re a woman, and I’m assuming the majority of you who glance at this blog are, then you know exactly what I mean. 
Why else do we buy new shoes, new earrings and shirts and curtains, furniture, everything when we get bored? Because we want to liven things up again! New things make us feel new and often times, much as I love old things I find myself buying more vintage just to taste that yummy freshness. 
A new friend of mine suggested I jazz up this blog here so I followed her awesome link and presto! Fresh and newness galore! 
Thanks Andrea 🙂
So I’m feeling particularly snazzy myself and now that I have the new cover for Silver Hollow, I’m hoping to get some wonderful writing time in! Sometimes that’s all it takes, you know, something different or something new to keep you going. And no I’m not sharing just yet! There’s too much to be done before I’m ready to start promoting 😉 
I hope you find your little slice of new heaven today, be it material or encouragement or signs of love. 

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