Your Mother Was A Hamster!

Since it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted I realized it was high time I say something worthwhile! Well, I’ll at least be attempting something worthwhile 🙂

Something really cool I learned last weekend is that my one and only favorite uncle found my blog through Google. Apparently I’m one of four Jennifer Silverwood’s in the U.S! And one of them is a singer lol. I can carry a tune but, no, just in case any of you were wondering this is not her blogsite!
But I was so happy someone I knew had read this! Love you Uncle Gregg!

Kay, now on to more serious matters…

I’m really thankful to have a solid support system backing me up, no matter what I do, or how much of an adult delinquent I am 😉 My dad has always told me “blood is thicker than water” and for the most part I’ve found this to be true.

I have finished Draft One of Silver Hollow! Yay! (“and there was much rejoicing…”)

Now it’s on to editing the beast. I’ve racked up a few betas to help me along the way. But y’all should pray for my editor, seriously, I think she’ll have a conniption fit when she sees the monster I’m about to send her!

Coming off a solid year of writing I’ve been feeling disjointed lately with what to do next. Honestly I’ve never really done much of anything once I finished a novel. Before it was all about my own amusement or for my friends. Fanfiction was just plain fun because we could be so serious about it. For those of you readers, you know what I’m talking about.
But now I’m trying to prepare this (with a ton of help) for the mass market. I know we’ll get there, but sometimes the getting there can seem like it takes forever. And as they say it’s the journey that’s most important.

I’ve learned so much in the short time I tried my hand at self publication. There are more ways and “codes” that come along with this racket I wonder if I’ll ever actually feel like I’ve arrived.

A good friend of mine gave me a really good word on the subject recently,

“Remember the hard part is done. Not many people can say they’ve written a novel, so take the time to pat yourself on the back.”

 So true girlfriend! 😉

As for any of you out there, readers and writers alike, if you ever decide to try your hand at writing then do it! Go for it! Or whatever else it is you’re passionate about doing. Never be afraid of chasing after your dreams. You never know when they might come true.

Silver Hollow is in the works!
Qeya is being edited and I’ll start promoting soon. So be on the lookout soon. I’ll be doing my best to spread the word, but I can’t do it without y’all 🙂

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