"Stay" Cover Reveal

Hey there peeps! 

I am pleased to show you the cover art for my upcoming New Adult paranormal romance novel, Stay. This is a rough final draft, and may be subject to a few more tweaks. But I had to brag on my stellar cover artist for the moment!

“Stay”, is about a young woman who has made the mistake of falling her heart, in the ancient past. 
She has been cursed by the immortal she loved. 
Now she is doomed to walk the earth, rescuing true love wherever she is summoned. 
But she is unprepared for the challenges of the new couple she meets. 
It might not be a problem to remain invisible, if the man didn’t wear the immortal’s face.

Stay tuned for more updates on this, and my upcoming novel, Silver Hollow.

cover art by Najla Qamber- http://najlaqamberdesigns.blogspot.com/

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