A Girl and Her Kindle kindly hosted me for my eighth tour stop yesterday. Come check out the spotlight here: http://www.agirlandherkindle.com/2013/03/silver-hollow-by-jennifer-silverwood.html

The giveaway’s been included so don’t forget to have a gander 🙂

It’s been fun going through this tour with all of you! Remember to be sure and spread the word. I certainly couldn’t have come this far without y’all. And this tour has had me pumped up to starting thinking more on the sequel.


I hadn’t planned on making this into a series, and at the moment, that may still be a little far-fetched. But I’d love to write a sequel at least, from the twins’s perspectives and the people in their lives who sat on the other side of the fence from Silver Hollow.

I have another series I’m concentrating on for this year, including the rest of Heaven’s Edge and another fantasy novella series, but I think we’ll certainly be revisiting the world of Silver Hollow very soon. Meantime, come grab a copy for yourself, or if you’re like me, finally pick it up off your digital bookshelf so it won’t collect anymore cyberdust 😉

Happy reading! And I hope all of y’all have a great weekend!

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