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Welcome, #fantasyavengers! I know it’s been a hot minute since my last post. For those of you who saw my Instagram post, or have been following my blog, I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant with my second. My firstborn is six and was apparently a breeze of a pregnancy compared to this little girl. The good news (or scary…) is I’m 18 days or so away from bringing my new human into the world! Unless she decides to come early, that is. We’re about as prepared as you can possibly be. My 6-year-old is graduating from Kindergarten (when did they start doing this and making it a whole thing?? lol) and excited for summer when, “I get to sleep in!” As my uncle said, “No one will be sleeping in with your baby sister here.” Releasing a new book and participating in several bookish events seemed like the best way to keep distracted in the meanwhile 😉


On that note, I’m excited to share I’ll be live on Twitter tomorrow at 10AM CT (for my fellow US mid-westerners!) (11AM NY / 4PM UK) for the @wyrdandwonder event!

Our main topic will be about forest fantasy. Think of all the tales you loved growing up that took place in an enchanted forest. It so happens that Silver Hollow and Blackbriar Cove use forests as part of their storytelling element. I happen to think I’m also most qualified for this topic for a more obvious reason… Yep! You guessed it! I live in the middle of a forest.

It’s impossible to live here and not be inspired, and I can’t wait to dig into yet another reason I love fairy tales and folklore. Hope to see you there! (P.S. There may be a secret raffle offered to #wyrdandwonder participants…)

BLACKBRIAR COVE is up for PRESALE on Smashwords! (for a special price, shh… 😉 For those who don’t know, presale allows readers to grab a copy of an upcoming book before the release date. So for anyone who can’t stand the wait, visit the link and buy your copy of Blackbriar Cove today! Also, don’t forget that Silver Hollow is on sale through release week for just 99 cents. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Come chat Fantasy with me tomorrow!

  1. Hallo, Hallo Ms Silverwood,

    By the amount of tweeting I’ve been doing and the special Insta post I put together for you as well – you could say, I am equally excited about our lovely chat! I haven’t said anything yet about the special surprise though! I’ve been trying to sit on that for quite awhile now! Laughs. I’m not as far forward into Blackbriar Cove as I’d prefer either – but I am ready and able to host the discussion and have a lively convo nonetheless! I just had a harder start to Wyrd And Wonder this year than I thought I would – so everything was a bit topsy turvy this week. I am wicked excited for you to welcome your lovely daughter this month into your life and I know your whole family is supporting you whilst you’ve been going through the health issues during your pregnancy. My thoughts and prayers have been with you as well.

    This is doubly joyous month for you and I am glad I could be part of it even if in a small way. Thank you for being willing to be our first guest for the chats and let’s rock it out today and have a heap of FUN! 🙂 Appreciated this s/o on your blog and in your author’s newsletter, too! I’m hoping more people show up as a result of the cross-promotions as that would be wickedly awesome.

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    1. I had so much fun in our chat today, Jorie! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful host, as always 😀 It’s always so much fun to wax and wane about my favorite genre to read and write. And so happy for those who showed up to join us, even if they didn’t interject haha. Maybe one day we can try chatting at a different hour someday? Not sure if more folks would be available later in the day, but in the meanwhile, we keep sharing and having a blast, right? Will do my best to attend next Saturday’s chat and the other fantastic Wyrd and Wonder events this week! ❤

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