Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow 2018 Edition

Another Tuesday Teaser with the latest New Silver Hollow! I’m really excited to share this next teaser with you because it was super fun to write. And it was extra fun to bring Amie’s character back around to her former profession in this chapter. Happy Reading!

Silver Hollow 2018 Edition Teaser


“I was nodding off, I’m afraid. I believe I must beg your leave and retire,” Amie said, laying the accent on as thickly as she dared.

“No, she hasn’t told a story yet!” Little Brillig clamored while reaching a small, clawed hand to grasp her skirts.

“Oh yes, please tell us,” the others said.

A woman with starlight glowing in her hair sang her wish. “So few dare wander as we anymore.”

And finally, the seemingly human fingers of Amaryllis Faun curled around hers, tugging the same way the child’s vivid green eyes compelled her to agree.

Amie laughed, nearly forgot to maintain her father’s impeccable accent, then began, “Very well. If I must bore you to sleep, so be it.” She glanced over to catch Emrys’ fond smile and relaxed posture. “Once upon a time…”

A girl fell in love with a monster.

Amaryllis climbed into her lap, her hoofed feet clicking together as she settled Amie’s arms around her thin torso. Amie paused, overwhelmed by the girl’s trust and found the story waiting in that same vulnerable place within. “Once upon a time, when the world was still young, a girl made a foolish journey for love. She was to rule a kingdom, you see, but she had never been beyond the borders of her home and longed for adventure.”

“She was a wanderer!” A chocolate-skinned Seelie girl chimed.

Amie favored her with a smile. “She came from a family of wanderers. But her parents settled long ago in their stone castle, and the wandering need was still hot in her blood. She read books about the other kingdoms within the Borderlands and in particular, a handsome prince she determined to meet.”

The girls giggled while most of the boys exchanged expressions of disgust. Rado’s eyes twinkled. Emrys had turned his head so she couldn’t see his face, only the gleam of firelight against black hair.

“But as everyone knows, wandering was much more difficult than the girl knew. She spent cold nights shivering in the snow, with only her furs and nixy to keep warm. There were beasts that roamed freely between realms, both wicked and kind-hearted. The girl was lucky to find more of the latter sort.”

Brillig croaked a gasp and Rado chuckled, chipping in, “Do nay fear, lad. I’ve heard this tale before.”

Amie paused again at the expectant look on the man’s face, forgetting her words. The way he looked at her…as if he knew.

“What happened next?” A horned woman with bloodred lips asked.

“The girl made it to Silver Hollow of course,” Amie replied, unsettled. “She found the prince from her stories. As you know, many Fayere-kin rule for ages and this prince was no different. She had heard rumor on the road of a war brewing between humans and the people of Silver Hollow. A mighty king championed the common man, ruling with a fair and just hand.”

“And a better army,” Emrys said.

The others laughed and Amie agreed. “Aye, a better army. For our kind lived in factions, split between lands and often left to their own devices. Now the prince of Silver Hollow needed to unite them. But he was not alone. His brother tried to parlay with the human king. While away, the girl and the prince did not fall in love as she once fancied. But they did become fast friends, and he trusted her to aid him in his quest for peace. Her first task was to capture the king’s wizard.”

She tapered off, the words stalling at the back of her throat as a flash of dark images passed behind her eyelids.

A prison, fire and clash of steel…

A man with the light of a thousand suns burning in his eyes…

A bottomless lake…

“Jessie! Jess, open your eyes, love. You’re here. You’re alive.” Emrys’ voice snarled over her, savage and fierce. She was trembling, no he was shaking her.


to be continued…

Behind the Scenes

I started rewriting/revising Silver Hollow a little over a year ago, but it’s been long on my mind, since I revised and re-released Craving Beauty in ’15. In this new version of Silver Hollow, I wanted to give Amie a way to call back to the fact she is a writer. Something fun for me is writing a modern fairy tale from the perspective of an adult author. Amie sees connections and tropes like many wouldn’t. And in this case, she is finally called upon to share a story to a group of strangers. Most writers aren’t very good extroverts. We have to push ourselves past our comfort zone for it. In Amie’s case, she chooses to “fake it til she makes it” to fun results. Also, did anyone notice our Narnia-esque background characters? More on them and their connection to the Wylder Tales series later 😉



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Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow 2018 Edition

Yep, you didn’t misread the title above. I feel a bit sheepish running around saying I was publishing the newly revised Silver Hollow this year. I may have bit off more than I could chew deciding to publish both Tamn and SWIM at the same time. And this year has been way too crazy to dare publish three novels. To all those authors who publish three +, my straw hat’s off to you. Anywho, back to why you’re reading this 🙂 I’m still working through rewrites, and the new edition is about halfway edited by the lovely R.J. Locksley (bless her patience). Now that November is out of the way, I am focusing all my efforts on bringing the world of Silver Hollow back to you. There will be changes, there will (maybe) be blood, and lots of magic naturally.

Silver Hollow 2018 Edition Teaser


A bright light woke her from the sweetest sleep she had found since coming to the Vale. For a moment, she struggled to recall who and where she was. He had been stealing her memories, but now the light was calling them back. Tears welled behind her closed lids as she remembered exactly who had pulled her away from Wenderdowne that night.

Amie blinked against a gleam of radiant silver and gold, as if the light of both sun and moon had kissed her face. Slowly, the light took form, as the prick of something sharp pulled from her forehead. A glittering horn clear like purest diamonds crowned the Unicorn now staring back at her with violet eyes. A cloud of honeysuckle-sweet breath washed over her. Amie sucked in a breath, the cold stealing her comfort. And then the unicorn began to wicker nervously in lighter bell tones. If she tuned her ear just right, she could nearly swear it was giving a warning.

All her remembered life, dreams had filled her sleep, so real she often wondered which was the reality.

Never dreams. Memories.

Amie gasped as the Unicorn’s light flickered in and out of a sudden onslaught of shadows. Tears were halfway down her cheeks and she lifted a hand to brush them aside when a harsh growl startled her. So deep came the voice, that the words scarcely sounded human, “Hrycg æt háligreft!

A high pitched screech made her cover her bleeding ears. The light brightened before the creature vanished, leaving a pit of shadow in its wake.

The Unicorn had stolen her confusion and sorrow with one prick. Now that it was gone, she was afraid to dig deeper, to question what was obviously staring her in the face. Amie held an arm against her chest and released her hold on the hilt of her blade as Emrys stepped beyond shadows and into corporeal form.

His black iris covered the whites of his eyes as he took a knee and reached to swipe the blood from her forehead. A sudden flux of dark flame pushed past his control as he tasted his thumb, then spat on the ground. “Wicked creatures, stealing your light.”

Amie released a breath once the blackness in his gaze was replaced by amusement.

“What happened?” His tone was all business. “Did it catch you in your sleep?”

Only as he pushed her jaw back into place did she realize she had been gaping at him like a fish. “You hate unicorns?” Amie chuffed. “What kind of person hates the purest creatures on the planet?” She smiled and relaxed into her tree. “I knew they were real.”

Emrys growled as he touched her forehead again. “More like spawn of drakkor.”


to be continued…

Behind the Scenes


Now you may have noticed a few things, if you read the original version. Originally, Dearg was with Amie when she met the unicorn. Rewriting Silver Hollow has been a big twisty adventure, about as big as my first attempt to put the ideas down. When I set out to update my first full-length novel, I planned to basically freshen up dialogue and cut out any unnecessary drivel. But as I did just as I first set out to do, I found there was more to the story than I originally planned, and a lot more to these characters. This book will become the first installment in my Borderlands Saga. Some things you may miss from this new edition will return in other ways in future books. My hope is to bring you the story I wanted to write in the first place. I hope you stick with me for the adventures ahead! Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


Coming Soon


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Weekly Writerly Witterings ~ We Write Fantasy & Silver Hollow

witter (ˈwɪtə)
vb – (often foll by: on) to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length
n – pointless chat; chatter

COLLINS ENGLISH DICTIONARY – COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED, 12TH EDITION 2014 © HARPERCOLLINS PUBLISHERS 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014

First of all Happy Hannukah and Happy Almost Christmas everyone! I hope y’all have enjoyed your holidays and aren’t too stressed this season. Funny how a time of year we should feel most relaxed and forgiving tends to push us to the brink. But that’s family for you, right? Equal measures of love and madness abound.

We Write Fantasy

Last week you may have noticed we took a break from the usual posts in favor of the Prism Book Tours’ 12 Days of Fantasy for Christmas. I’m so thankful to Tressa and Laura for throwing a great tour, and all the amazing authors who participated with me. It’s always an honor to me, to be featured alongside my fellow Indies, especially when half of them are the reasons I was brave enough to publish in the first place.

The spirit of togetherness and camaraderie really infected me during this tour. So much so, that I started a new blog with Author Melissa Wright called We Write Fantasy. Many of the lovely authors from our recent tour are joining in on the fun where we will regularly contribute writing advice, talk on the fantastical genre and occasionally share about our books. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out our new page and follow! We’d love to hang out with y’all. Right now it’s still in the beginning stages, but we are slowly putting the pieces together. Soon you will find regular blog posts featuring different authors and occasional guests. We have super awesome fun plans in store for this. Mostly, we wanted to create a safe place for our fellow Indies and readers to hang out and talk books. Click on the pic below for the link:


Rewriting Silver Hollow

A Writer’s Tale by Bilbo…wait nope


When I decided to rewrite Silver Hollow, I thought most of my leg work would be devoted to freshening up dialogue and trimming my crazy rambling prose from 2012. Hahahahaha…. yeah, no. Granted, parts of this revision have been like that. Easy to fill in certain gaps and such. I decided to write this novel in five parts, doing my best to infuse each part with is own energy and mini-themes linking the whole narrative. It was ambitious because I haven’t worked on anything this big well, since Silver Hollow, but I was confident I could make it work.

Throughout the spring and summer I worked diligently whenever I had a spare moment. Since I was already busy writing Tamn and Bound Beauty, I couldn’t wholly focus on Silver Hollow. But I was working at such a steady pace, my ego was convinced I could finish by the fall, then re-release in December. That was until I made it to Part 3.

As I’ve reviewed my original and past revised manuscripts, it was glaringly obvious there was a lot that needed to be fixed. I tried to decide early on what scenes to keep, what to cut and what to save for the sequel. But when I made it to Part 3, I knew to keep things fresh and more true to where I want to take this series, I needed to go into new territory.

In order to finish Tamn and publish She Walks in Moonlight, I had to put aside Silver Hollow for a while. Because while I fell in love with the new version, I realized it was about to require my total and absolute focus. Something about long novels I’ve recently relearned, is how difficult that middle section can actually be.

It’s one thing when you first begin and you’re all gung-ho about the story. Your characters are fresh and alive. But then you reach the middle and are suddenly in the middle of a lake, floundering. At least, you are if you’re me. I envy those writers who plan and pace every tiny step of their novels. I’m the sort that is constantly surprised by my characters’ actions. For instance, I wasn’t expecting Amie to be so much stronger in this version. But in retrospect it makes sense. I first wrote her when I was at a vulnerable and somewhat low point in my life. Now that I’m actually of the age as my MC, I’ve found her to be a lot more “no nonsense” and snarky than before. But she’s also pushed in directions and situations she didn’t know she could handle. Amie’s story begins much the same, but part of her journey is learning just how much she can take as she becomes who she was meant to be. And Emrys…oh Lord he never ceases to surprise me, darn him lol. But before I sound like too much of a crazy person (aka writer), back to the point.

Long books require focus, especially in fantasy when you’re not only dealing with character facts and traits, but the “rules of magic” in your world. In my case, Silver Hollow is the new beginning of the Borderlands Series and also connected to the Wylder Tales. So I’ve got multiple character arcs and worlds to bridge. That also in keeping with the heart of Silver Hollow, the story I’m trying to do justice for. And because I am re-releasing, I’m attempting to reign in my urge to change too much. Otherwise I may as well publish a brand new book in place of a new edition. In so many ways this is a new book. It’s also the book I’m most excited to share with y’all in 2018.

One thing I learned from writing in 2017, was that while working on multiple books at the same time was fine in the past, I need to at least limit myself to two projects at a time. Some books require stronger focus than others. Can you begin to imagine what kind of mammoth willpower and focus George R.R. Martin puts into one of his books? No wonder the poor man takes years to finish.

george r.r. martin (2)


Goals for this month

  1. Finish Silver Hollow Part 4!

  2. Evaluate writing/publishing journey this past year.

  3. Read as many books as possible 🙂

Helpful Links

“Award & Writing Contest Ratings” – from Self Publishing Advice Center
“The Kid Should See This Gift Guide” – Purely fun Christmas gift guide!
“Looking Back Over 2017 Publishing Headlines” – At Jane Friedman’s amazing blog


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Weekly Writerly Witterings ~ The Ever Changing Draft

witter (ˈwɪtə)
vb – (often foll by: on) to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length
n – pointless chat; chatter

COLLINS ENGLISH DICTIONARY – COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED, 12TH EDITION 2014 © HARPERCOLLINS PUBLISHERS 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014

Hope everyone has been following the Prism Book Tours event: 12 Days of Fantasy for Christmas! Featuring 12 authors, including yours truly, we are collectively giving away free ebooks + a Kindle Fire! Click on the raffle link to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway


Draft, Edit, Revise : Repeat

I recently had the lovely misfortune-or good fortune depending on your point of view-to draft, revise, repeat two novels. The first is Silver Hollow, my first book baby. I was very in love with both characters and worlds and words at the time I wrote and rewrote the first two versions. I met with mixed success, but an equal share of flaws and lovely prose. So about a year ago I decided to revise my book. I wanted to turn it into an ongoing series. I learned a lot through writing my other novels in the past five years and felt like I was ready to tackle this.

What began as a revision has turned into something of a wonderful mix of revising old text and total rewrites of scenes. When I had to chunk a scene I loved, I saved it for future books, moved over some dialogue and ideas to the newly written version. I knew we would basically end up where we did the first time, but my goal with this was to make the novel what it had the potential to be five years ago. I needed an update anyway if I planned to follow through with current sequels.

While I’m even more in love with this world and the story, I have had my share of frustrations. Some of my previous scenes were so fluffy and fun but didn’t move the story along at all. Some dialogue was too off-putting for some readers to feel comfortable. While I happened to love books that did what I was attempting to do, I have since learned you have to know your audience. So we find richer mythos in the new Silver Hollow, more rounded characters and a lot more action. I wanted to write this as if I was experiencing it through Amie’s eyes, make it real enough I could believe it’s impossibility.

I’ve read different accounts on whether you should revise your previous novels at all. A lot of people say no, to just leave it alone in the past. But for me, while trying to rebrand and get back into full swing author mode, I wanted more. I didn’t want the new cover Najla made to look like a better book than what you are getting. I was so intent about this book, I made a modus operandi of rules to help me reach my goals.

In my early days, I typically drafted one novel, fine-tuned the other with revisions and had another on track for publication. This year I thought I could attempt that. But trying to write multiple books also meant I was spread a bit thin. Mid-summer I smelled the roses and realized if I wanted to finish one I had to put the others aside.

Give them the story they deserve.png

And that’s how I was able to finally write/revise/pub Tamn and She Walks in Moonlight in October. I returned to Silver Hollow 2018 immediately after the release buzz died down. And of course, I continued to work on the third Wylder Tales, Bound Beauty.

I used Bound Beauty for my NaNoWriMo project, mostly because I have had such a difficult time getting this book off the ground. A little backstory if you’ll humor me:

Last year after publishing Scarred, I began writing Bound Beauty. About midway through the following spring, I realized the beginning I was writing was flawed. I would need a major time jump to make the story work but didn’t want to disconnect my readers by jumping ahead. Each Beauty novel has only covered the span of a few weeks at most, following in sequential order. There’s an immediacy and urgency when you write like that, and it works for the Gothic genre I feel.

Come summer I figured out the problem wasn’t the beginning of Bound Beauty, but the fact I rushed the ending of Scarred. The very beginning of what I thought to be Bound was in fact the end of Scarred. So I switched it over, extending Scarred Beauty and as it turns out, giving my story and characters a more complete arc.

Fast forward to November and I approached Bound not really sure how to begin. I know where this story ends, have known since I finished Craving Beauty the first time. But I wrote several false starts and changed directions several times while trying to figure out Bound. One night I even had a wild flight of inspiration and wrote out an outline of where we could take this story. I was so excited again for the book I wrote chapter upon chapter. It felt right. But then I stumbled again.

I made myself work on Silver Hollow and meanwhile journaled and brainstormed some more about Bound. Sometimes the best thing you can do as an author is to ruminate on your story. Instead of reading before bed, let yourself lay there and turn you mind onto your story. Or write it out with paper and pen. When I started writing stories, I always wrote with paper and ink. I loved the tactile feel of it, the fact I was writing the same way people had been for centuries, just with crappier handwriting. This has worked for me every time I think I’m stuck.

Something Susan Dennard talks about in her articles on drafting is that some days writing means not penning down a single word. Some days you have to soak up the story, take in other books, music or media to find your inspiration. Or sometimes you have to talk with another author or someone who has read and gets your story and where you want to take it.

This year has taught me a lot about marketing and writing my books. I’ve spent more time blogging and sharing my love for books, tried to give back to the community in little ways and made new friends. In hindsight, I would love to say I managed my time wisely and stuck to my goals. But goals like first drafts, like newly revised editions, are ever-changing things.

Often times I feel the frustration old painters once described, how no matter how much they practiced or toiled, they could never achieve the beauty they saw. In their mind’s eye the finished piece wasn’t ever quite finished. So they began a new painting, to strive for better than before. Writing is the same for me. At some point, we have to just begin, we have to let ourselves write into dead ends or fill out scenes we are forced to cut later on. We strive for something greater than perfection, push ourselves harder to pen the story we feel in our hearts and souls.

Don’t give up on your current work in progress, whether it’s a book, fanfic, script, etc. You never know when inspiration will hit, that moment you break through beyond the boundaries of your capabilities to craft something beautiful. Happy writing!

Join us as we welcome into the family

Goals for this week

  1. Finish Silver Hollow P3 and begin P4!

  2. Begin to evaluate writing/publishing journey this past year.

  3. Reach out to fellow authors/bloggers 🙂

Helpful Links

“Six Unrealistic Tropes & How to Avoid Them” – from Mythcreants (this post helped me crack the code to my WIP)
“The Business of Fiction Writing” – A workshop course. Pricey but worth it, according to a fellow author bestie.
“Writing Tips | Date With the Muse” – Super fun writing tips & tricks from beginning to pro!

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A Year Writing Summed Up ~ 2017 Edition

Originally Posted on We Write Fantasy: A Year Writing Summed Up ~ 2017 Edition


2017 began with a lot of excitement and good intentions for me, writing-wise. Last year I published the sequel to my dark fantasy retelling of Beauty & the Beast and December 2016 was a mad-cap race of online tours and mailing swag. As the general buzz or a new release wore down, I began working on the next installment. With Scarred Beauty so fresh in my mind, I did not want to waste time before diving into Bound. So, I wrote and I plotted and planned and things seemed to make sense. Words were flowing, easy-peasy.

But then the New Year came and all these other ideas began to sprout up in my mind. Every year I try to think of a writer’s game plan. I pick projects to focus on and others to keep on the back burner. Bound Beauty has been at the forefront of my mind, but for some reason I floundered with my outline. I started working here and there on these other projects. Only a couple of months later, I woke up one day and realized I had five separate manuscripts I was working on and oh my Lord that’s just too much.

I might maybe have been using these other projects as an excuse to jump around and not fix the problems I was having with Bound Beauty. Guilty. But these other projects, like Tamn: Heaven’s Edge #3 + New Silver Hollow + (top secret stuff & thangs) were still very important to me to work on. So I decided it was high time I wrote up a “Modus Operandi” for 2017.

Read more by clicking on the pic below-






Craving Beauty promo 3

Enter the World of Wylder Tales, a Gothic Retelling of Beauty & the Beast, where nothing is exactly as it seems and the heroine must be her own hero.

A lost kingdom is uncovered by an equally lost girl, but the castle is not abandoned as she believes. Shadows cloaking unseen eyes watch. Tapestries whisper from the hidden corners, wondering if the one to break their curse has come. And a hungry beast waits, ready to devour her soul.

First two volumes and companion novella are available wherever eBooks are sold.

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For the separate blog WWT, click on the link:






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