Small Town America

After spending the weekend with my best friends in West Tejas, I was reminded of a peculiar fact. I absolutely love rinky-dink small town America. My friends recently moved from a small city to an outlying town. This place consists of one, white-steeple church, a fire station and an old main square. Off main street are… Continue reading Small Town America


Pink Elephants

Something I've realized while working on the second draft of Silver Hollow is how much I just miss writing in general! There really is a difference between working a new draft and staring at that blank screen with nothing but your mind telling you "what's next?". Talking to another newbie author I was reminded how… Continue reading Pink Elephants


“Help Me Obi-Wan!”

Sometimes I get discouraged by the world and wonder if there really is any goodness left in people. I'm sure you've had those moments when either things aren't going so great, or it seems like the world is a never ending cesspool of violence. Well tonight something happened that reminded me that's just what the… Continue reading “Help Me Obi-Wan!”


Family and Fanfiction

You know something I've realized today? A couple of things, actually. One, is that there really is an awesome network of authors/readers/book people out there who are willing to help you out if you're just starting out and needing some pointers. I still view myself as a newbie at this. I'm no expert and I'm… Continue reading Family and Fanfiction

Books, Writing

4 a.m. and I’m still Awake…

So you might be asking yourself, if you bother to glance at the time I wrote this, why am I still awake at 3:55am, after a long day of working with children??? I could ask myself the same thing. I had planned for a night on the town and instead took a nap and played some Donkey… Continue reading 4 a.m. and I’m still Awake…


Qeya Update

So for a quick update, I'm working on getting Qeya finished! I should have it done sometime tonight but we'll see. Sometimes you just can't predict what comes rolling out of your imagination. All my editor Jessica had to do was bring up a few blatantly obvious holes in the story and the missing "scenes"… Continue reading Qeya Update



In my limited experience I've learned a few things about drafting. I am constantly asking and seeking advice on how to better my craft and my presence. When you're Indie the only person promoting yourself is you, so you better not be lazy about it! Like I said in my post "Self-Help," it takes a lot… Continue reading Star-burnt


I-ME-MY-MINE…blah, blah, blah

So any author or creative person, or workaholic in general will probably understand what I'm about to tell you.I had a best friend call me out today about becoming "one of those people". You know who I'm talking about? They're the people you can't stand to be around because they just won't shut up about… Continue reading I-ME-MY-MINE…blah, blah, blah



Unfortunately, one of the downsides to self-publishing also means you have to help yourself to get anywhere. Don't get me wrong, along the way I've met so many authors/bloggers/all-around-book-people who have each taught me different ways of getting on my feet. Without them I would still be looking around cyberspace miserably for a stool to… Continue reading Self-Help


Few Constants Part 1

Something I've learned lately is that no matter how difficult your life gets, there really are a few things you can count on.I would say people, but you already know that's not entirely true lol.So I thought I would dedicate this post to the near and dearest things to my heart. Hope you enjoy and… Continue reading Few Constants Part 1