Tour Stop #8

Some of my personal fav character quotes: Rachel Elisedd Underhill: Underhill rounded on Amie the moment the dining hall door was shut. Grasping her white-capped hair the maid blew air into her cheeks until her round face looked red as a beet. “Ooh, I could just—the nerve of that wench, prancing about as if she... Continue Reading →

Silver Hollow Tour Stop #6

Playlist Yes, almost every author has a playlist for their books. While some prefer music with words, for Silver Hollow, it was all soundtracks for me. Here's a sampling 😉 1. "To the Boys"-Legends of the Fall-James Horner (The War of 1812 novel theme) 2. "The Question"-Meet Joe Black-Thomas Newman (obviously, when Amie is going over... Continue Reading →

Silver Hollow Tour Stop #3

At our first stop, I shared one of two prologues I was thinking of using to begin Silver Hollow. This second one is from Drustan's point of view. It was opted out because my friends, Rusty and Amber (based on James and Jo 😉 told me they felt it gave away too much too soon. ... Continue Reading →

Wenderdowne Tour

No this is not a blog tour in the sense you're thinking about. Starting this week I'm going to be giving everyone a glimpse behind the scenes into the making of Silver Hollow. Sort of like a movie expose 😉 except with a much smaller audience.    We'll be diving into character back stories and... Continue Reading →

Silver Hollow Tour

UPDATEHey everyone! This week I'm working on getting Silver Hollow ready for print publication through Create Space. I remember thinking a couple of weeks back that I was going to publish two more books before the end of 2012. It was a nice thought. Truth is, it's never wise to rush through the publishing process,... Continue Reading →

Friday Fav

My friend Mel and I were talking about how "the student has overcome the master" or something akin to that saying. She made a point that there had to be a Yoda quote out there somewhere that applies to this. I couldn't remember at first and racked my brain a bit.Finally I just went to... Continue Reading →


So I have officially prematurely failed the NaMoWriMo challenge lol. Which is all good, because now I'm partially done with one of my next-to-pub books! See everything usually has a reason, I'm convinced! I should be writing right now, in fact. But instead I've been photoshop'n pictures. Don't worry, after this post, I am back... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday!

Here's an excerpt from my latest work. I'm not telling too much detail about it. You'll have to wait and see for yourselves :)“He has told you at last, then?” was Wyvar’s weak reply. Vynasha sank onto the fur rug before her hearth and rested her hand on the carved mantle. “He asked me to... Continue Reading →

Writing Update

Silver Hollow is almost ready to be put into print! I'm so excited about it and look forward to sharing this hard copy with you lot. It's been a wonderful ride so far, and I hope that you continue checking for updates. Here soon I'm planning on spiffing up the book's page on here and... Continue Reading →

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