Teaser Thursday!

Things got a little crazy this week, so once again I'm posting this one a bit late. I'll be going out of town again yay! This time it's to meet my new nephew nine hours away. I'm beyond excited to meet him and play with my niece and nephew. Hope everyone is having a blessed... Continue Reading →

Halloween Hallows!

I had a family matter that required my full attention yesterday 🙂 But I'm back peeps! Hope everyone's having a remarkable Halloween! I forget how much I love this time of year. Because I'm feeling nostalgic tonight, here's a few of my fav Halloween specials!Happy Halloween!

________ Mondays!

Hey there peeps. I've decided to dedicate today's mash-up fun to one of the best authors out there. Robin McKinley surprised me again with her adult paranormal novel, "Sunshine."I still recall being in the library at school sometime in the sixth grade and discovering her novel "Beauty," and was reminded why Beauty and the Beast... Continue Reading →

Off on a Mission…

This weekend I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a double wedding! It's for my best friends' growing up, the ones who lived next door. I'm pretty stoked and already exhausted from this week so hopefully I'll get some rest on the road down 🙂 Because I'm in the mood for all things Wedding right now,... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesdays!

I suppose this is technically cheating since It' s 1:04 A.M of Tuesday morning and most of you are asleep. But this time, unfortunately happens to be the best time for me to write. Today I'm working on finishing up last revisions on Silver Hollow. I've learned a lot about "dangling modifiers" thanks to RJ... Continue Reading →

_________ Mondays!

Eep! I almost forgot again, thanks in part to DWTS and the fact I seem to be trying to cough up a lung... I digress.Today's mash-up is dedicated to a list of books I own but have not read yet. I'm sure y'all are guilty of the same thing. You go online and find either an... Continue Reading →

Friday Fav’s!

I'm slightly sick at the moment, so you know what makes me feel better, at least on the inside?&&...okay so maybe E.T doesn't make me feel better every time I'm sick. But seriously, how can you watch this and not get all nostalgic? TGIF everyone!Have a great weekend!

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