Tonight I am reminded of all the little things that shaped the journey to publishing Stay. And I feel it very necessary to give a couple of huge shout out’s!

First, to Melissa Wright. If you don’t recognize that name, you probably don’t read enough Indie fantasy novels. And in that case, here is a crasher-course:


In a nutshell, Melissa was one of the first authors I reached out to in pursuit of the mechanics behind the business. I found a more than willing teacher/encourage and later friend than I could have hoped to expect. Now, not only do we share some of our strangest dreams, a by-product of too much creativity, but help keep each other positive.

Secondly, Najla Qamber, Bahrain Wunderkind and artistic genius who I came across on Deviat Art. Long before I tried my hand at publishing, I sought her out for her talent and know-how. Her ethereal style was so inspiring, she has worked on all of my covers since. Check her out!

Third is Allison Taylor. Not only did she take the photograph you see on all my profiles, but she has been a constant sounding board, best friend and supporter since Silver Hollow. I don’t write a manuscript without her and I would have given up more than once if she hadn’t been there with me on the sidelines. That’s why I call her my Hermione, because she’s the genius who sees the answers to my literary problems. 😀

I have met countless bloggers and authors and readers around the board, publicists and editors and so many names I haven’t but should mention. But I needed to thank these three ladies first, because without them, I wouldn’t have a blog tour, I wouldn’t still be writing and as a result, living my childhood dream. Love you all!

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