Welcome to my website, Fantasy Avengers! Before you traverse realms of magic, romance and adventure, check out my book list below. Each series is listed with notes on the order you will want to read them. Silver Hollow is the first in the new Borderlands Saga and is for adults who want to believe in fairy tales again. The Heaven’s Edge Novellas are “clean teen” reads and appropriate for all ages. The Wylder Tales series contains very mild language and violence and appropriate for older teens. Happy Reading!

Angel Blue (7 Deadly Sins: Season 1)

Her House is gone, making her the last of a powerful, ancient line. Her Guardian is determined to make her into a queen, sacrificing his happiness. Her quest for the truth of what happened the night they burnt her people to ash will tear their world apart. Angel Blue is a serialized adult Urban Fantasy novel. Season 1 of the Seven Deadly Sins series will release August, 2018.

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The Borderlands Saga

A boundary has been breached and a legacy is about to be fulfilled. Taking place in a border realm in the English countryside, The Borderlands Saga is a Contemporary Fantasy for adults. (Silver Hollow was previously published as a stand-alone. The original version is no longer available.) The sequel, Blackbriar Cove, will release Fall, 2019.

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The Wylder Tales Series

The Wylder Tales is a Dark Fantasy series set in a forgotten magical realm, hidden deep in the medieval Carpathian Mountains. They should be read in order, though Wolfsbane’s Daughter may be read as a stand-alone. Bound Beauty will release DECEMBER 2018. Appropriate for older teens due to monsters, bloodshed and mild swearing.

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Heaven’s Edge Novellas

Published through JayHenge Publishing, the Heaven’s Edge novellas is a clean teen science fiction series for anyone who wanted to crash-land on an alien world without parents. While Qeya and Ohre should be read in order, Tamn may be read as a companion or stand-alone novella. Mild violence due to kids with scythes versus vengeful predators. Appropriate for teens of all ages.

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Other Books

Stay, A Love Story is a contemporary mythological romance appropriate for older teens, due to mild sensual situations.

She Walks in Moonlight is an Adult Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction for mature audiences only.

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