The Borderlands Saga

A boundary has been breached and a legacy is about to be fulfilled. Taking place in a border realm from the English countryside, Silver Hollow is a Contemporary Fairy Tale for adults. Book 3 in the saga, Dalriada Valley is now available!

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Stand-Alone Romance

Stay, A Love Story is a contemporary mythological romance appropriate for older teens, due to mild sensual situations.

She Walks in Moonlight is an Adult Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction for mature audiences only.

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Heaven’s Edge Novellas

Published through JayHenge Publishing, the Heaven’s Edge novellas is a clean teen science fiction series for anyone who wanted to crash-land on an alien world without parents. While Qeya and Ohre should be read in order, Tamn may be read as a companion or stand-alone novella. Mild violence due to kids with scythes versus vengeful predators. Appropriate for teens of all ages. Now available at your favorite ebook retailer!

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The Wylder Tales Series

UPDATE: Re-releasing in 2023, The Wylder Tales Series is currently being rewritten and revised, with fresh covers and a gorgeous world map. For updates, stay tuned via my newsletter!)


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