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All Eanna wants is to forget the night she lost everything, but fate has other plans. A lifetime ago, the cursed burned her home and everyone she loved. Now she’s haunted by a dangerous legacy.

Her guardian, Etlu is determined to make Eanna into a queen, even if it means sacrificing his happiness. Surrounded by enemies, Eanna and Etlu have no choice but to give in to destiny.

Wil and his sister Isabol are searching for the chosen princess, but Wil finds more than he bargained for in Eanna. He doesn’t plan on falling in love with her. A love like theirs can only end in tragedy and death.

There can only be one outcome when chosen and cursed collide: a world bathed in fire and blood.

(Angel Blue is a serialized adult urban fantasy novel consisting of three episodes. This is season one of the Seven Deadly Sins series.)

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The Chosen10

ANU, the EANNA: The last of her house, Anu is a little over twelve hundred human years. Her features were once common to the Eanna, with waist-length black hair, amethyst eyes, and bronze skin. Since her miraculous escape from the fire that destroyed her family, Anu has suffered through episodes that strain her immortal body. She has been promised to Malku, the future sarrum, since her youth. Forced to train for a position she never wanted, Anu hasn’t given up seeking the truth behind what happened to her family.

ETLU: Once the leader of legions, Etlu has made empires rise and fall. The exact year of his birth is unknown, and he is extremely tall, with centuries’ worth of honed muscle and killing instinct. Where he goes, war inevitably follows. No wonder he sought absolution in saving and protecting Anu. Over the centuries, their relationship has evolved into something he both fears and needs. Etlu’s power stems from his ability to manipulate chosen’s and cursed’s minds, if they aren’t aware of his gift. Only Eanna knows his secret. He carries a slightly curved black sword etched in runes, rumored to have been bathed in the blood of ten thousand cursed.

Cursed: The Seekers


WILHELM: At little over five hundred years, Wilhelm has seen the end of the Red War and has witnessed countless atrocities committed by chosen and cursed alike. After his parents’ deaths, he sought refuge with his clan in the Canadian wilderness. But his little sister Isabol drags him into the war he abandoned years ago. Like many in his clan, he is marked by curling auburn hair, and sun-kissed, freckled skin. His chest is tattooed in Nordic runes with the first Nephthys prophecy. He is the leader of the Bitterhelm Clan, though defers to his grandmother, the current Nephthys. Wil has always seen the world for what it could be. As Isabol would put it, “he is a believer.”

ISABOL NEPHTHYS: At a young age, she chose to become her elder brother’s first sword, forming a bond that made her feel older than her two hundred years. What’s worse is she was marked as the next Nephthys, thanks to her bloodred eyes. Though she’s small, Isabol is extremely fast for her kind and admittedly trigger happy. She fell in with the shades and Gabriel after her mate, Jakob, died. She has wandered ever since, but Wilhelm’s supposed death changes her. She decides to find him, alive or dead, and bring him home where they belong.

Cursed: The Shades


CHARON: She has forgotten her exact age but remembers the rise of the first Roman Caesar. Though she is small, with short silver hair and trusting crystal-blue eyes, she is far from innocent. Charon has been an assassin for her father for as long as she can remember. For the past few centuries, she’s considered herself a free agent, moving beneath her family’s radar. She’s developed quite a reputation as a mistress of death among the cursed, to the point children are threatened by a visit from the Charon, should they misbehave.

GABRIEL: The “golden prince” of the cursed is somewhere around twelve hundred years old, and looks more like a chosen, with golden hair and eyes that glow in his passion. However, he is the son of Elder Lord Rama and little brother of Charon. Currently, he is the leader of the underground resistance, waging a secret war against the chosen. He seeks to remove the chosen from power and make Isabol his queen, uniting their peoples again.


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