Angel Blue


Episode 1

All Eanna wants is to forget the night she lost everything, but fate has other plans. A lifetime ago, the cursed burned her home and everyone she loved. Now she’s haunted by a dangerous legacy.

Her guardian, Etlu is determined to make Eanna into a queen, even if it means sacrificing his happiness. He pursues her into a human bar, but he’s too late to save her from herself.

Wil and his sister Isabol have been searching for the chosen princess. Wil finds more than he bargained for in Eanna, especially once her powerful guardian shows up. There can only be one outcome when chosen and cursed collide: a world bathed in fire and blood.

(Angel Blue is a serialized Adult Urban Fantasy novel consisting of three episodes. The first season of the Seven Deadly Sins Series.)

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Episode 2

Eanna chose a difficult path—saving the life of her mortal enemy. But can she live with the consequences of betraying her secret?

Isabol runs away from Gabriel, the cursed, and their plan to kidnap the chosen princess. The last thing she expects is to find her brother already in Eanna’s clutches.

Wil believes his savior is the one his clan has been seeking and the key to ending the war. He doesn’t plan on tempting fate by falling in love with her. A love like theirs can only end in tragedy and death.

(Angel Blue is a serialized adult urban fantasy novel consisting of three episodes. This is season one of the Seven Deadly Sins series.)

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Episode 3

A thousand years ago, Eanna’s destiny was decided. Etlu tried his best to protect her, but nothing can stop the prince from coming to claim his bride. Surrounded by enemies, Eanna and Etlu are left with no choice but to give in to fate.

Isabol has been charged by her grandmother to rescue her big brother, but she’s not coming alone. Armed to the teeth and claws, Isabol can’t help but fear Grams’ prophecy, or the vengeance of her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel.

Desperate to avoid her future, Eanna liberates two cursed rogues from the dungeons to help her escape. She needs their help to reach Wil one last time. What she doesn’t expect is just how far the seeker is willing to go to free her from a fate worse than death.

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