Tuesday Teaser: Blackbriar Cove

Okay... it is finally happening y'all! Which I suppose some of you were hoping something was happening after my three-month vaca from blogging/writing life 😉 Don't worry, I have been busy and I have been writing. Admittedly, I've been reading more than writing the past three months. I don't regret it one bit, because it's very difficult to create... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Bound Beauty

Calling all bloggers! Prism Book Tours is hosting Bound Beauty for one week this December, in prep for the  big release on the 21st! If you would like to share, enter the blogger raffle and/or read a free copy of Wylder Tales, click on this link or the pic below. And hope everyone enjoys this... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Bound Beauty

Exciting news! I've begun talks with my tour host, Tressa of Prism Book Tours, about Bound Beauty. Since this will be the final book in the trilogy this tour will cover all the previous installments in the series, as well as diving into the tie-ins to my Borderlands series. More info about the tour coming... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Bound Beauty

Time for another #teasertuesday, Bound Beauty edition! I've been reading lots of excellent folktale/fairy tale lately, to help boost my inspiration for Bound. My favorite so far has been Kate Danley's The Woodcutter. If you haven't read this yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up asap! Or add it to your Goodreads. I dare you to see... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Bound Beauty

Time for another #teasertuesday, Bound Beauty edition! I haven't quite met my 30K goal just yet, but that's my aim before we close out September. Which means I have to—you know—write. 😉 I've done fairly well so far keeping up a routine, but every once in a while I get the urge to dive off a deep... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Bound Beauty

Happy #teasertuesday! We are finally coming back around to Bound Beauty, my third Wylder Tales novel! Can y'all believe Craving Beauty was first published five years ago? It was simply titled Vynasha at the time and I had envisioned it as a duology. A novella and sequel later and we're finally back to finish the series, December... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Angel Blue Episode 3

Happy #teasertuesday! First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has picked up and read Episodes 1 & 2! If you've had a chance to begin reading your copy, I hope you're enjoying the fun ride so far. Today I wanted to feature a teaser from Episode 3. No easy feat, since most of... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Angel Blue Episode 2

Happy #teasertuesday! I wanted to again extend a huge thanks to everyone who helped share the release of AB: Episode 1 the other week. I hope those of you who picked up your copy have been enjoyed the intrigue and danger Eanna and the gang face. I plan on releasing Episode 2 in a few more days,... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Angel Blue

Happy #teasertuesday! How are everyone's writing projects going? If you're running on low steam, I encourage you to dive into a good book. Look at art and listen to music that enriches your soul. Sometimes the world around us is very could at sucking the soul out of the people in it. It's our job... Continue Reading →

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