Tuesday Teaser

I've had more than a handful of other things to work on today, from work to finishing up final exams and papers for the end of this semester. Props to those of you who are taking more than two classes! Hang in there, you can do it. But I thought I'd bring back the Tuesday... Continue Reading →

Teaser #4

Silver Hollow's final teaser! I'm so excited to bring this to the world. It's been a long journey, this past year writing and modifying drafts, then finally handing it over to an editor for overhaul. Wouldn't have made it through without the support of my folks, my writing mentor Melissa and Alison Taylor, my beta.... Continue Reading →

Teaser #2

We're getting closer and closer to Silver Hollow being published. Hope you all stay tuned! “Are you sure you’re okay? I’m coming over as soon as I get done here. Or maybe you want to stay with us at the ranch for a couple of days? The horses have missed you, especially Jellybean.” Jo’s voice... Continue Reading →

Teaser # 3

I've been lazy about updating this past week, after going out of town for some family time in the piney woods. We had fun but I didn't forget about you lot 😉 Qeya is published! You can find it on Amazon and I am working on getting it pub'd through Smashwords here soon. Hope you... Continue Reading →

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