Teaser Tuesday: Craving Beauty

Vynasha rocked with him beneath the barn overhang, within the snowdrifts, and whispered against his skin. She uttered forbidden words her mother had whispered to her deep in the night, in that strange musical tongue Vynasha had half forgotten. She remembered it now as the darkness stirred beneath her skin. “We must be careful, my starling,” Mother had made her promise. “Be oh, so careful. To give life, we must always sacrifice.” The little body in her arms did not grow cold as it should have. It shuddered against her in spasms. Vynasha squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the little hands clenched her arms in a tight grasp. Wyll sucked in a hoarse gasp as he breathed new life. The little boy whimpered and then spoke as though back from a long sleep, “Asha?”

Teaser Tuesday: Craving Beauty

Vynasha ignored the way the snow soaked through her house slippers. She’d forgotten her boots and her coat. But the darkness still clawed at her skin, begging to be set free. She didn’t dare turn back. 

Teaser Tuesday!

 Last night's rant was cathartic for me to the point I was able to start working on the sequel to Vynasha, A Wylder Tale! In case you aren't clued in, Wylder Tales is my upcoming YA Fantasy Saga, a series of fairy tale re-telling's. But these aren't your average fairy tales. Swing over to the... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday

Thought I'd bring an oldie but goody back. Also, y'all will find it hilarious that I spent a good hour earlier this evening, or "yesterday" trying on different themes for this website. None of them satisfied me and so I gave in and brought the old one back. Good news? I fixed a few widgets... Continue Reading →

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