Teaser Tuesday: Wylder Tales

Cold, sickly terror woke her, followed by a desperate urge that demanded she leave the broken pieces of her mother behind.  “Yes...come now,” the voice sang with the wind, carrying snow and the heavy scent of ash through the edge of the forest.

Tuesday Teaser: Wylder Tales Volume 3

Hello everyone! Hope you've been having a fantastic week so far. My week to date has consisted of chasing my toddler around our land and putting together Ninja Turtles floor puzzles. If I have been remiss in my social media duties, it's largely due to my little man and my extra job. And somewhere in... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: New Silver Hollow

Howdy folks, I hope you're having a lovely week so far. Lately I've been planning out my writing year and suffice to say my goals are pretty high. As you already know, I'm working on the third Wylder Tales novel, Bound Beauty (click HERE for a teaser), plus some other related goodies. I also am... Continue Reading →

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