In my limited experience I’ve learned a few things about drafting. I am constantly asking and seeking advice on how to better my craft and my presence. When you’re Indie the only person promoting yourself is you, so you better not be lazy about it!

Like I said in my post “Self-Help,” it takes a lot of dedication to write a book, or do anything creative. You’re probably going to lose some friendships, some sanity and inevitably lots of money along the way. My classic New Adult example? I was down to one dollar in my savings and overdrawn in my checking, and below empty on gas. I don’t know how much more desperate a middle class citizen in America can get lol. But I cashed my check, got some gas and was back in action.

You’re going to find times in your life that are painted with dark gray and sepia tones. Sometimes you’ll spend your day wishing you were anywhere but here. Being a writer sort of gives me the ability to travel anywhere I feel like in my mind. But keep in mind there are opportunities all around you!

What was I saying earlier? Oh yes, drafting. I’m currently working on the second draft for my book, Silver Hollow and the process while tedious has been vastly rewarding. It’s a lot of fun revisiting things you’ve written in the past because 9/10 times you’re going to be laughing at yourself.

I look at something I wrote not even a month ago and think, “What the deuce, Jenn?”

I’m sure you’ve had moments like that too, when you wonder what was going through your head as you did and said “that”.

I asked some of my writer buddies what their thoughts on drafting was and got some interesting advice.

Possibly my favorite I’m going to share with you:

“Everybody is different, but I don’t think most writing books would recommend that many drafts. I’ve read a lot of writing books that say “over revising” can be a problem. And you know what they say…perfect is the enemy of the good, meaning of course than an obsession with perfection can prevent you from doing anything.”

So this is a reminder to you and most of all myself, that while it’s good to strive for excellence, perfection can feel fake. Reach for the stars but don’t grab one, they burn!

by Amuletz

2 thoughts on “Star-burnt

  1. Thanks for following my blog! I often struggle with knowing when my writing projects are finished. It’s very easy to get obsessed about getting every word right but then you never know when to stop so you just keep going and…ugh. Just thinking about it exhausts me!


    1. Hey no problem! I liked what you had to say, obviously lol. I definitely understand what you’re saying. I’m in that fix right now, trying to get a project finished and constantly finding “more” to say haha. It’s exhausting but worth it if you can push through. And I’d take an overflow of inspiration over writer’s block any day!


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