Body Snatchers

Hey there peeps!
I’ve just returned from the Piney Woods, visiting relatives again and have mixed feelings coming home. On the one hand, it’s nice coming back to the reality of work and worries. After twenty-four years of staunchly refusing to conform to anything ultra feminine (blame it on my awesome brothers 😉 I’ve been suddenly transformed. Now I’m reading fashion and beauty magazines and actually taking notes on tips. I enjoy shopping (mainly thrift) and have a constant thought over new hairstyles and beauty products I might want to add to my repertoire. I feel like Invasion of the Body Snatchers lol.
 But coming to the thicket reminded me I’m still “me”. I still love getting dirty and won’t shy from gutting a minnow for bait at the end of my fishing pole. I could care less about the fact my brown boots don’t match the rest of my outfit. Half of me still wants to live down here and become another Thoreau, with my cabin in the woods. The other half wants a job with actual benefits and a 401k, and actually has ambitions now.
Maybe it’s just another part of growing up, I don’t know, but it’s proven a few things to me.
Even after you think you know yourself perfectly, you can still surprise yourself. Namely, people do change, if you let yourself grow.
Even though people change, we’re still the same deep down at the core root of things. That’s also something that’s important to remember when you reach that place you’re meant to be in life. Don’t ever forget who you were because that person is still inside you. 

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