Here is the treat I promised! The very first teaser book trailer for Stay! Please be sure to click on the picture to follow the link and then share with your friends!

Click on the picture to find my review for The Three Graces, by Michele Wolfe!

Local Inspiration

I love my mother for giving my a love of all books and stories. She didn't just read to me, but had me read back to her even before I could read. The other day she let me borrow this old novel, "Old Timers of Sabine County, Texas," written by a distant cousin, Virgie Speights.... Continue Reading →

Qeya & Other Updates!

A few quick updates to start things off tonight! First, Qeya, the first of the Heaven's Edge series is FREE right now on Amazon! I'm beyond excited about it, but even more excited to share my plans for the third in the series, Tamn. In book one we met Alien Princess, Qeya, with her family... Continue Reading →

For a limited time only, the first in the series will be free on Amazon. Don't miss your chance to snag a copy and dare to survive on Heaven's Edge. Click on the pic to follow the link!

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