Tedious Teusdays

Tuesdays are that in-between day, not quite a drag as Mondays, not as painful as Wednesdays seem. I love Tuesdays because I always convince myself I have more time to devote to writing etc. Trouble is, when I sit down to write and end up doing the exact opposite. Not writing.

This last Sunday I actually sat down and got a lot accomplished. What a stellar feeling, actually seeing those chapters being added to your completed second draft! I’ve still got a long way to go before things feel real secure, but it’s one step closer.

Something else I’ve been doing is trying to learn to be a better writer. Don’t ever thing you’ve “arrived”. If you ever do, it’s an indicator you have that much farther to go. Don’t give up either. I believe we all have the potential to grow in whatever craft we do.

So tonight, my goal is to sit down and actually write. This week I’m determined to finish revising Silver Hollow. We’ll see how things go!

Hope everyone’s been having a great week 🙂

Oh, and if you saw something on my Goodreads profile or blog about a new book, you’d be right. We’ll chat more about my Love Story later 😉


(sometimes, to find the right inspiration, you just need to laugh!)

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