______ Mondays!

 Here we are! Another Monday and another week, only this one is part of that mad house, fun, rootin-tootin time known as “The Holidays.” I hope everyone has their Thanksgiving preparations ready! 

I’ll save my big “thanks” post later this week, but for now, I wanted to share a couple of cool things I’ve recently uncovered. 


First of all, Silver Hollow has been steadily between the 11K-13K ranks on Amazon’s best sellers this past week. My love goes out to all of you who have either purchased, downloaded, reviewed or blogged about my first novel. 😀 
As my little gift to you, I’ll be hosting a couple of giveaways (besides the one for Saga Berg’s “Nordic Fairies” already posted at the bottom of my page) for the paperback version and bookmarks designed by Najla Qamber. So stay tuned! 

Secondly, I seriously want to see Anna Karenina. It’s looking to be an artistic film a’ la Moulin Rouge. Have a gander!

Book wise, I’ve been reading “The Bearwalker’s Daughter” by Beth Trissel. It’s the story of 

a woman of mysterious origins and a man who may hold all the answers to her questions. Takes place in Kentucky in the late 1700’s. Is fast paced and a delightful read. 🙂

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