Black Friday

People everywhere across America tonight and this morning are clamoring, climbing and clashing to get the best deals and score the biggest prize of all. Who can spend the most in one night and therefore spend the least on Christmas??? 

I was kindly invited to join a friend of mine with her family on their BF outing this year. I was gung-ho about it, until I cleaned our house upside down enough to be renamed Ms. Clean lol. This year my mother and I somewhat compromised. She cooked and I cleaned. While we slipped occasionally into one another’s spheres the system worked out well for us. And our small cluster of a family gathering was warm, full of laughter and life updates. We never went around a table to give thanks, just were happy to be together. We watched old film reels from the sixties (parents and g-parents gen) and drank coffee and had homemade pecan and pumpkin pie. While not all our family could make it this year, I think I almost prefer a smaller crew to the usual chaos. Double-pro? Half the usual clean up!

So now we get back into why I declined on my BF shopathon invitation. My body, even though I’m at my physical “peak” right now in life, was sending me constant warning signs throughout the day that joining the madhouse might be pushing it. 

What did I do instead? Went to Amazon of course! And Hot Topic, because let’s face it, you’re never too old to find an awesome T-shirt there. All their tees were ten bucks and I racked in a couple of them. At Amazon, I found a USB that’s a requirement for classes I’m joining up with this spring. And several other close fam gifts. That about sums my Christmas shopping. I’m quite content with regifting, digging from my pile of already prepared future gifts (yep, got one ;), burning CD’s, writing little short stories and sketching pieces for the rest of them. 

Oh and let’s not forget!

Hopefully, by Christmas, you can all have your copies of Silver Hollow in paperback! Once Najla is done with the template we’re set to publish through Create Space. But I’ll front more news to y’all when I can. 

In other news…you stay classy San Diego, I’m Ron Burgundy??

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