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I searched forever for buttons but alas could find none for “Bunny’s Review” lol That blog title still cracks me up for some reason. Maybe its all the fluffy bunnies hanging out on the page. If you want to understand, go visit and you’ll understand!

Taylor shares Stay with the readers of “Marked By Books!” You can visit here to sign up for the blog tour.

And if you wanted to know more about STAY, come check out the tab above you of the same name, and of course, my photo inspiration for the story. It’s just a collection of mostly Tumblr pics that depict some of the emotions and moments trapped in the pages of Orona’s story.

In other news ;p I finished Vynasha part one last night!!! I am so stoked to have finished this first leg in the journey and begin the next. Namely, revising it myself and then sending it to my beta, Allison. Girl, I hope you’re ready for the overhaul! lol If y’all have been paying attention to my feeds lately, you’ll notice I’ve struggled a good bit in getting these last pages out, for whatever reason.

Well I decided that I was being my own worst hindrance. So I made a pact around midnight, telling myself that I wasn’t allowed to go to sleep until it was finished. I must have been exhausted already because I suddenly had the focus and drive to push it out within the next couple of hours! At least I managed to narrowly escape writers block.

Just a hint/tip for all you other newbies out there, if you get writer’s block, don’t run away! You have to push through it, until it’s suddenly not impossible anymore. 🙂 Good luck!

Please feel free to leave comments or questions about the story as well! I always love hearing from y’all 🙂

Happy Friday!

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