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For those of you who already saw this on my facebook, I apologize ahead of time, lol. But I just wanted to make sure everyone was up to date on some cool things that have been happening lately.

Most recently, I put up my novel Stay as part of a giveaway for Gliterary Girl’s Summer of Love Blog Hop. It’s been a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to get these five free copies to the lucky winners! At this point you only have eleven hours to sign up for a chance to win, so click on the pic and don’t hesitate.cropped-closeuprona.jpg

In other news, I can finally share some about the Romance Novel convention that took place in Vegas. Gliterary Girl represented me and several other authors at their booth this year, and from the sound of it, it seems like it was a lot of fun! Check out these pics and see if you can spot my covers 😉

CLICK ME to read the full article!

As for upcoming works…

I’ve struggled with writing this past month and took something like a hiatus to concentrate on personal issues and family. I’m so glad for this break because it’s helped me put things into perspective. Now I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this coming season of writing, rewriting and publishing! Vynasha is so very close to publication but is going to be coming a bit later than planned. 

And I’m finally making headway figuring out the plot for Tamn. It’s been a lot of outlining and scene plotting at the moment, but we’ll flesh it out soon enough. Can’t wait to continue the Heaven’s Edge adventures!

Finally, I recently have been cleaning out my closet. It’s amazing how many things I accumulate over a period of ten years. I have a nasty habit of not throwing away old clothes. So I’ve filled two bags and they’re ready for Goodwill. Anyone else suffer from this disease? ;p

Have a great rest of the week, peeps! Remember, it’s already Thursday, and we all know what that means. TGIF!

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