Premiers and Jazz

I’ve been on a 90’s retro kick lately. Enjoying wearing my boyfriend’s flannel shirt around the house and watching first season ep’s of Buffy and second season Charmed. Today I’m listening to an Itunes 90’s radio station just because I can. There’s something to be said for falling back into a decade you were comfy in. I was a kid/preteen in the 90’s, but that’s why it sticks with me today.

I go through phases where I want the teen flicks like Clueless and She’s All That, or even the adult rom-com’s like You’ve Got Mail. Any of you have a favorite decade that you can remember, even if it’s the early 2000’s? 😉

Later tonight I’m going to a movie premiere! Crazy sounding, huh? It’s no Hollywood V.I.P event. It’s in Burleson, Texas for crying out loud (hometown of Kelly Clarkson.) But I have a unique connection to this movie because of a few factors. It is a Christian movie made by the church I grew up going to. So I know almost everyone acting and behind the making of the film.

Check out the trailer and let me know what your thoughts are? I’ll be dressing up and walking down a red carpet and everything, so I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. As for the weekend, I hope y’all make the most of it!

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