Perfect Sundays

It’s a rare thing in life to have a perfect day. But it’s not so difficult to make a perfect day as people think. Weekends have always been my favorite time because they’re catch up time, a chance to be free from work and gritty responsibility. I’ve been there with the rest of y’all, stuck in the muck of your day job. Part of my job is keeping up appearances, being happy at least on the outside. Often it’s a struggle to put aside what’s going on inside. Most days it’s not too hard to find something to smile about. Which is, I think, the key. If you try to find joy each day, in some little way, be it about big or little things, smiling gets easier.


But enough positive thinking talk. No doubt you’ve read this before, either in some self-help book or heard it on a Dr. Phil episode.

I wanted to share about my perfect Sunday, partly because I love to brag on the person I spent it with. He’s not perfect. Often times he drives me absolutely bonkers. But, partly through adversity, we’ve found that what matters most isn’t who’s right or wrong. When we learned to appreciate quality time, we learned to make the most of it. And I’m more thankful for that understanding and willingness to compromise than I can say. It’s not all about watching Twister for nostalgia, buying a new planner, eating really good sandwiches or even being surprised with breakfast (food sometimes does make everything better ;p)  It’s learning how to laugh about little things. How to enjoy a good silence. In my case, it’s how to enjoy doing my own thing while he plays video games.

And now that the weekend’s been over and done with, I still feel happy, grateful and excited about what each day will bring.

I’m not sure if this was encouraging to any of you or not. I’m not even sure if there is a real point to this post. But as we come closer to the commercialized “month of love,” I hope you remember the people you share your life with today. When we all learn to frown less and love on each other more, you find smiling isn’t so painful after all. 🙂

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