Ten Reasons For Happiness

lt FrancisI’m a year older today. My birthday falls on Bastille Day, the same day that the White Stripes formed and the day my grandmother was born. I know that about the White Stripes in part because their music is fantasmatic, or something tubular like that. But I know about Bastille Day, French Independence Day, because of Grandma. Because she was actually in France during World War 2 as an army nurse and got to have fireworks for her birthday gift. I mention my grandma with more than a little sadness. All my life I’ve shared this special day with her. For my birthday today, I learned a few small things. Things that as a child I would have never stopped to notice.J n G '90


  1. Little gifts make the best presents.
  2. You’re never too old for action figures.
  3. People can still surprise you.
  4. More people care than you realize.
  5. The best present is love.
  6. The last was cheesy, but so, so, true.
  7. Work colleagues can also be true friends.
  8. Hang on tightly to those memories.
  9. It’s harder to be sad than happy.
  10. Stay young at heart, and occasionally of mind.


Happy Birthday July 14thMy day began with some sweetness from the hubby and some bittersweet thoughts and emotions. We lost Grandma last year but I was reminded that there are so many things to be happy and grateful about. And I am reminded that the reason we should celebrate our day is not because it’s about gratification. But because of all the people, both family and friends in our lives who helped make and shape us into who we are. We celebrate together because we’re still here, one more day, one more step and one more breath.

Thank you to everyone both new and old in my life who make it such a wonderful one!

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