Baby Love, My Baby Love

Nothing pulls at your heartstrings like a baby’s cry. I heard my son’s cry before I could see him. The instant that sound pierced the air it suddenly became real for me. I had carried him for nine months, sure, but it wasn’t until I heard his cry that I knew I was a parent. Suddenly my whole world shifted on its axis to focus on this tiny new person. He is my everything and everything becomes second to his needs and wants. I heard this about motherhood before, but experiencing it was more intense and profound than I was prepared for. Can you ever really be prepared for parenthood?

My favorite thing about my three month old is still his cry. It pierces my heart, though I’ve developed the necessary tolerance for it. I don’t want him to be too spoiled, after all. As selfless as parenthood has to be, maybe I love his cry out of selfishness. Because as much as it can exasperate or grate on my worn nerves, it also means he needs me. Other times it’s because he just wants to cuddle and be held. No matter what the reason, I try to take it all in. It goes by quick, they say. I don’t want to miss a second.

Writing falls to the wayside much of the time, these days. I don’t regret it. I know every moment I spend with my family is time well spent. My manuscript is still there. I steal moments during naps to work on new scenes and I have a lot of extra time to brainstorm while he’s awake. He won’t be three months old forever, and I never want to trade my ambition for the privilege of watching him grow each day.

Most of what I write has to do with young adults going on paranormal and fantastical adventures and falling in love. So far I haven’t written about motherhood, but I plan to one of these days. They say you should write what you know and in the meantime, I’ll try to keep these little “field notes” about my new journey. I hope you, too, soak every moment of your life and are able to use it in your own craft, be it writing, art, music, however you express yourself.

What has inspired you lately?



2 thoughts on “Baby Love, My Baby Love

  1. EEEEE!!! God I love this so much 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to write you for so long but life gets in the way … and then you go and write something so beautiful!!!

    Ain’t love grand?

    There’s nothing – but nothing – like falling in love with your baby. I once talked to an adoptive mom and it was exactly the same for her. First, you’re so overwhelmed and scared – physically and spiritually – and you just respond instinctively to the need. And then, all of a sudden before you’re realize it you’re done, you’re hooked, it’s all over but the crying. You’re head over heels in love, like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

    And it’s for life. 🙂


    1. Aw, thanks Derrolyn! It’s always wonderful to hear from you, but I understand about life taking precedence lol. Time definitely speeds by it seems. You’re absolutely right about falling in love with your baby. I now understand the obsession parents have with their kids. 😀 I can’t imagine what it will be like to watch him grow as big as your kiddos! You are definitely Super Mom 🙂


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