Sketching Wylder Tales

After my recent Scarred Beauty revision marathon, I needed a break from words I write. I’ve still been reading, (determined to finally finish Stephen King’s It) and sketching, etc. While I work on my super blog post of writerly rambling about Scarred Beauty, I thought I’d share some art teasers instead.

So below was my attempt to come up with an emblem for the series, or rather the first of many. Naj, my designer said these looked very Tim Burtony lol Also tried to sketch without references. I’m a much better artist with references. All the things in my head tend to come out super twisty and abstract.


And the final product is below. Finally decided on a circle/shield shape thing. I’ll reveal what Naj did with it later, for now, more ink!


I’m planning a series of these to correlate with the series. Thinking of doing Soraya’s key next. Any ideas of other symbols we could do? If you are artsy fartsy like me and want to share your own design feel free to message me or comment below!

Stay tuned for future writerly ramblings, about maps and the upcoming Scarred Beauty tour.

My Art Links

I know I almost never talk about my art, but it’s what I went to school for my first year of college. And of course I write far more than I sketch these days, but it’s still my second favorite passion. My dad always said art, music and literature go hand-in-hand. You can check out the links below to see a lot of my older sketches/pics/paintings on deviantart. I’m also available as an illustrator with Qamber Kids. Keep creating!

My Deviantart Portfolio
 – featuring art like this

on-the-ledge(look it’s Vynasha on the ledge of the Beast’s balcony!)

Qamber Kids – featuring more like this


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