Weekly Writerly Witterings ~ On Independence Day 2 and Author Besties

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vb – (often foll by: on) to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length
n – pointless chat; chatter

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Hope you had a Happy Fourth, America! Ours was very typical relaxing family fun with a dash of drama thrown in for good measure. After all, what would family get-together’s be without the drama?

Also finally watched the new Independence Day. I can see why a lot of people weren’t as big a fan of it. It’s very techy and we prefer the whole us verses them, especially when we have inferior technology. In the new one, taking place twenty years later, the alien tech has been adopted and the characters have grown and matured in different directions. A lot of old cast was there, but a few weren’t given a reason for absense, like they fell off the face of the earth. But, I have a huge respect for Emmerich for developing this world he started to the degree he did. It makes sense and what’s more is the new movie is fun, which is why we love Independence Day in the first place, right? Anyone feel the same or did you have a different experience?

Writing-wise, I haven’t accomplished as much, though I managed some lovely words in my upcoming Urban Fantasy Serial. More about that and writing next week, you know, after I actually make some words 😉

In other bookish news, I’ve been re-reading my good friend Melissa Wright’s epic fantasy novel, FREY, in time with her release of Book 4: Venom & Steel. I’m helping her host a fun extra giveaway for Venom & Steel you definitely wanna enter so you can get this lovely thing:


I’m so very blessed and lucky as only the Irish can be, to have made such a fantastic friend early on in my writing career. Melissa was already seasoned by the time I came around and was very helpful and polite amid my questions and fangirl gushing. Cause I first read Frey and Pieces of Eight back to back and then was like, where is book 3? I’m dying! lol Also, a thing I had noticed with Indie authors I reached out to at that time, like Derrolyn Anderson, Kate Avery Ellison, Colleen Hoover, Claudia Lefeve & Krystle Jones (I know that’s a long shout-out, but these ladies are awesome…) reached right back to give me advice. How many authors interact with their readers like that? Back to Melissa now…

I’m not sure when exactly we started exchanging manuscripts to help beta each other’s work, but I do know my writing has improved since then. It helps so much talking with another author who knows where you are when you struggle with your MC, etc. And in turn I tend to ramble on poetic about Melissa’s story lines and characters, pushing for backstory and futurestory.

Recently I decided to re-read all the Frey books from a fresh perspective and I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far. Because I’ve grown as a writer and am much more aware of certain trips and errors in the books I read, I tend to have different experiences with Indie books I re-read. Melissa had told me she revamped Frey a time or two, and it really shows. Frey wasn’t perfect, just like I know Silver Hollow (my first big novel) has it’s errors (of which I’m currently fixing ;). But Frey has truly come together in this new edition. I’ve loved every moment of my read, when I could sneak it in between family time moments. It still has all the things I loved from the first time, mysterious past, kick ace avengers band of elves fighting the “system” and one epic love story to match. Now, however, there is so much more. It’s hard to describe without reading it. In fact that’s a great idea, you should read Frey and then you can tell me what you think. 🙂


Goals for this week

  1. Get back into the writing-swing!
  2. Schedule my posts ahead of time.
  3. Seek inspiration in the beauty around me.

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