Tuesday Teaser ~ Tamn (Heaven’s Edge #3)

This month JayHenge Publishing and I are working to finish Tamn and prep for the big release My publisher and I are still aiming for an early to mid-fall release date. As the pieces of this story continue to come together I grow even more excited to bring you the best possible final product. The following teaser finds Tamn and Adi on the hunt to provide for the rest of the Pioneer crew. But they aren’t the only predators in the jungle…

Tamn: Heaven’s Edge #3 Teaser

I faded in and out between staggering through the jungle and flashes of memories from my previous lives, mostly bad. The more bloodthirsty of my former selves were still clamoring for attention in my head, leaking fools. But her voice called to me in the background, hovering close by, bringing the light with her. And I remembered the purest moments of my life, this current one, before I was Ascended, all focused on Qeya.

“Tamn,” she said my name with both warmth and warning.

“You won’t get away with it this time, Orona,” I teased as I advanced on her, hands held between us. Qeya’s eyes crinkled at the corners while her clear inner lids flickered.

“Don’t! It’s not fair when you’re bigger than me,” she protested. I laughed as I pinned her to the training floor and ran my fingers up her sides. Qeya giggled, shaking her head as pure bubbly laughter sang in my ears. I loved making her laugh.

“Tamn!” she gasped for air a moment and I relented, satisfied.

“Serves you right for what you did,” I said as I planted my arms on either side of her face. Her hands came to rest lightly on my chest and a familiar heat spread from her touch, causing me to rethink our position.

“I didn’t mean to trip you.” Her mouth quirked to the side and I stared, dumbfounded as I realized with a jolt, just how beautiful she was. She stole my distraction for an opportune moment to draw her leg between us and flip me with a hard tug, the way I taught her.

The move stole my breath and something akin to pride and desire washed through me as she sat on top of me, leaning forward to rest on my chest. We had been in this position countless times growing up, hadn’t we?

“I win,” she whispered, happiness reflecting in her golden eyes.

“Tamn!” her voice called to me, the fire of her hair peppered with ashes from chole blasts, her gills streaked in shades of black.

“Qeya?” I tried to say her name, reach out to touch her neck.

She batted my fingers aside with a snort and Adi’s deeper, raspier voice answered, “Thank all the dead sea gods I’m not that bleeding Royal.”

I blinked and her tattoos appeared stark against her gray skin in the dawning yellow light. I tried to sit up and she moved back to allow me room, sitting back on her heels as she surveyed the jungle around us.

“I’m not dead?” My hands were still streaked blue from touching the spear wound on my side.

Adi barked a laugh, “Hardly. I came looking for more ch—for you and the Elders. Ohre refused to leave his little pet’s side since she collapsed. You won’t believe who we ran into.”

I breathed in deeper and my senses hummed. I touched my nose and felt the familiar grain of chole dust on my fingertips. “You drugged me?” I watched Adi’s expression closely.

She shrugged and twirled the shaft of a Var spear in her hands. “Your Orona’s not the only one who can heal, you know. You Royals have always been so tight-netted about your chole, but the dust has a lot of uses you don’t know about.”

I groaned as stood and shook off the ache in my side. The blood and mud had mixed together enough to stop the bleeding and the spear was missing from my side. “You did well. Never thought you were good for anything but spinning gears and sniffing dust.”

Adi dropped the broken shaft on the jungle floor and rubbed her hands together, turning before I could see her reaction. “There’s a lot you never bothered to learn about me, Tamn.”

We dragged ourselves up onto the sand and stood together, breathless, a motley crew of scavengers and formerly royal pirates, abandoned on the surface of a hostile world. This wasn_t t






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