Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow 2018 Edition

Another Tuesday Teaser with the latest New Silver Hollow! I’m really excited to share this next teaser with you because it was super fun to write. And it was extra fun to bring Amie’s character back around to her former profession in this chapter. Happy Reading!

Silver Hollow 2018 Edition Teaser


“I was nodding off, I’m afraid. I believe I must beg your leave and retire,” Amie said, laying the accent on as thickly as she dared.

“No, she hasn’t told a story yet!” Little Brillig clamored while reaching a small, clawed hand to grasp her skirts.

“Oh yes, please tell us,” the others said.

A woman with starlight glowing in her hair sang her wish. “So few dare wander as we anymore.”

And finally, the seemingly human fingers of Amaryllis Faun curled around hers, tugging the same way the child’s vivid green eyes compelled her to agree.

Amie laughed, nearly forgot to maintain her father’s impeccable accent, then began, “Very well. If I must bore you to sleep, so be it.” She glanced over to catch Emrys’ fond smile and relaxed posture. “Once upon a time…”

A girl fell in love with a monster.

Amaryllis climbed into her lap, her hoofed feet clicking together as she settled Amie’s arms around her thin torso. Amie paused, overwhelmed by the girl’s trust and found the story waiting in that same vulnerable place within. “Once upon a time, when the world was still young, a girl made a foolish journey for love. She was to rule a kingdom, you see, but she had never been beyond the borders of her home and longed for adventure.”

“She was a wanderer!” A chocolate-skinned Seelie girl chimed.

Amie favored her with a smile. “She came from a family of wanderers. But her parents settled long ago in their stone castle, and the wandering need was still hot in her blood. She read books about the other kingdoms within the Borderlands and in particular, a handsome prince she determined to meet.”

The girls giggled while most of the boys exchanged expressions of disgust. Rado’s eyes twinkled. Emrys had turned his head so she couldn’t see his face, only the gleam of firelight against black hair.

“But as everyone knows, wandering was much more difficult than the girl knew. She spent cold nights shivering in the snow, with only her furs and nixy to keep warm. There were beasts that roamed freely between realms, both wicked and kind-hearted. The girl was lucky to find more of the latter sort.”

Brillig croaked a gasp and Rado chuckled, chipping in, “Do nay fear, lad. I’ve heard this tale before.”

Amie paused again at the expectant look on the man’s face, forgetting her words. The way he looked at her…as if he knew.

“What happened next?” A horned woman with bloodred lips asked.

“The girl made it to Silver Hollow of course,” Amie replied, unsettled. “She found the prince from her stories. As you know, many Fayere-kin rule for ages and this prince was no different. She had heard rumor on the road of a war brewing between humans and the people of Silver Hollow. A mighty king championed the common man, ruling with a fair and just hand.”

“And a better army,” Emrys said.

The others laughed and Amie agreed. “Aye, a better army. For our kind lived in factions, split between lands and often left to their own devices. Now the prince of Silver Hollow needed to unite them. But he was not alone. His brother tried to parlay with the human king. While away, the girl and the prince did not fall in love as she once fancied. But they did become fast friends, and he trusted her to aid him in his quest for peace. Her first task was to capture the king’s wizard.”

She tapered off, the words stalling at the back of her throat as a flash of dark images passed behind her eyelids.

A prison, fire and clash of steel…

A man with the light of a thousand suns burning in his eyes…

A bottomless lake…

“Jessie! Jess, open your eyes, love. You’re here. You’re alive.” Emrys’ voice snarled over her, savage and fierce. She was trembling, no he was shaking her.


to be continued…

Behind the Scenes

I started rewriting/revising Silver Hollow a little over a year ago, but it’s been long on my mind, since I revised and re-released Craving Beauty in ’15. In this new version of Silver Hollow, I wanted to give Amie a way to call back to the fact she is a writer. Something fun for me is writing a modern fairy tale from the perspective of an adult author. Amie sees connections and tropes like many wouldn’t. And in this case, she is finally called upon to share a story to a group of strangers. Most writers aren’t very good extroverts. We have to push ourselves past our comfort zone for it. In Amie’s case, she chooses to “fake it til she makes it” to fun results. Also, did anyone notice our Narnia-esque background characters? More on them and their connection to the Wylder Tales series later 😉



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