Writing Hacks by Author Melissa Wright

Happy Friday!

At We Write Fantasy, Melissa Wright, author of The Frey Saga shares a bi-weekly feature on “Writing Hacks” via Writing Hacks: Promo & Design.

Check out this sneak peek and don’t forget to share your thoughts and share links below!

Indies spend a great deal of time marketing their own work. If you don’t have a background in design or know the ins and outs of Photoshop, the work might seem more than daunting. The good news is that tech is catching up. These days, it’s as easy as an app or a few handy dot coms. Check out the promo design sites below, and up your marketing game.


I am fortunate to have a critique partner who consistently pulls quotes for me while beta reading. (Thanks, Jenn!) If, like me, this isn’t something you automatically do while writing, ask your betas to highlight a few for you. Quotes do wonderful job of giving the public an idea of what they might find inside your story, and paired with a moody image, it can really help sell the feel of your book. Make sure your quote conveys the aspects of the book your reader will be looking for (for example, don’t pull the only kiss scene in a bloody non-romance thriller) and try to keep it all “on brand” so they know what they’re getting. Once you have the quote, find your favorite site or app to easily combine text and image. Here are a few we’ve used:

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