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Happy Christmas in July everyone! I can’t believe I’ve let this past month slip by without regularly posting, or even giving y’all fair warning. Side Bar: Not to say my ego is so big I imagined y’all waiting eagerly for another WWW that hadn’t come 😉 But I thought I would share a bit of what has kept me so occupied lately, I couldn’t find time in my week to post.

my day job

Some of you know I work as a business support manager for Qamber Designs & Media. I first met Najla (owner & chief designer) in ’12, I believe, when I commissioned her to do my first book covers. Our friendship sprung from that first meeting as we discovered we shared many favorites & similar dispositions. A few years later, I was struggling through a difficult time in my life, and Najla offered to let me come on as a virtual assistant. I fell in love with the work. I manage all the little pesky details, which would bore a lot of people. But the fact I’m able to help bring so many books to life spurs me on. My role has expanded through the years and I’m excited to see where we continue to grow as a company.

Earlier this year we started to throw around a big new idea. Needless to say, this project has kept my brain fairly occupied. I can’t reveal too much yet, because we haven’t officially announced it. But I’m excited to share I’m at the helm of managing this project, and can’t wait to reveal to y’all in a couple of months!

angel blue


I took on a brand new developmental editor for my latest publishing venture, the lovely Victoria DeLuis. I wanted her to take a hard look at Angel Blue and give me her honest, in-depth opinion. Victoria sent back the revisions and her notes a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been wrecking my brain over this new draft ever since. I’ve learned that it takes a village to create a book. In this case, I knew I needed more than one editor, if I could find one. Alongside my critique partner (hey, Mel!), and beta readers, I plan to have the first episode published August 17th! Stay tuned for more updates to come, plus a brand new #teasertuesday tomorrow.

life as i know it

This past year has been hectic for my family, ever since my parents ended up in the hospital, around the time Harvey hit the coast. The hurricane affected my family in a big way, but it also affected my husband’s work. After the flood, it just…stopped. We spent several months relying on my income and have lived as nomads ever since. Moving back and forth between families, but never on our own. While I’m grateful my husband has steady work again, we’re beyond ready to find a more reliable situation. As a writer, I thrive off of routine, which is nigh on impossible when I’m hopping back between homes. So while I do well to keep up with work and my toddler, it has been a struggle to write. But as they say “adversity is the mother of invention.” I’m not giving up. If anything, the struggle makes me want to succeed more. So I plan on sharing my journey again soon. No one ever said life was easy. Whoever says it should be cast in the “pit of despair.” That’s dramatic. Seriously though, life is hard, but it’s a worthy quest.

current events

Builder 15th JulyBKU Romance Julyb

Here are two current fairs my books are a part of! Y’all should check these out, in case you find other books for your library. Is it possible to have too many books? Hex no!

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