Come Chat with Me on Twitter!

Happy Weekend, friends! Just wanted to drop a quick note here to let everyone know I’ll be chatting on Twitter tomorrow morning 11AM NY Time/4PM UK Time with fellow #bookblogger Jorie Loves a Story for #SatBookChat’s May #WordAndWonder event!

This isn’t my first chat with Jorie, as a guest, or dropping in to visit with new-to-me fantastical authors. For those who don’t know, Wyrd and Wonder is a fantasy event hosted by a small group of bloggers. And it’s all about the love of the genre, both for readers and writers.

I’ll be personally chatting with Jorie about the following three bedazzling topics:

  1. Urban Fantasy: both as a reader and writer in the genre
  2. The Fey (yay!)
  3. Why I love fantasy!

We’d love for y’all to drop in on our conversation tomorrow, so I hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Come Chat with Me on Twitter!

  1. Eek. I cannot wait for the chat, myself!! 🙂 I raised another signal flare for it on both my feeds – I created a lovely badge for you as well – you might not have seen it when this post went live. It is going to be one wicked sweet hour of fantastical blissitude! We might even spillover the hour,.. lol. Til the morn!


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