Book Review: Fatal Code by Natalie Walters

And we’re back with another tour with Lone Star Lit! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take part in a tour for my fellow Texas authors, so I’m excited to share today’s read and review with you. Part of the hiccup came from complications in this final trimester of my pregnancy. I’m officially 9 months along as of this week, and boy don’t I feel it. The good news is my doc says baby is healthy and we’re on track. But I’ve also been struggling with a lot of pre-labor stuff in part because of my gestational diabetes/anemia (or so they think? no one really knows lol). Either way, I’ve been busy writing and reading, of course. I’m happy to report that Natalie Walters Fatal Code wasn’t just a fun but also an easy read. I find that when times are tough, and I’m feeling stretched thin, it’s nice to read something like Fatal Code and let my brain shut down for a while. But more on that later 😉 Before I share my review, a little info about the book! 



by Natalie Walters

Cover Hi Res Fatal Code


Fiction / Christian / Suspense / Romance

Publisher: Revell

Date of Publication: May 1, 2022

Number of Pages: 320 pages 

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In 1964, a group of scientists called the Los Alamos Five came close to finishing a nuclear energy project for the United States government when they were abruptly disbanded. Now the granddaughter of one of those five scientists, aerospace engineer Elinor Mitchell, discovers that she has highly sensitive information on the project in her possession–and a target on her back.

SNAP agent and former Navy cryptologist Kekoa Young is tasked with monitoring Elinor. This is both convenient since she’s his neighbor in Washington, DC, and decidedly inconvenient because . . . well, he kind of likes her.

Natalie Walters sucks you into the global race for space domination in this perfectly paced second installment of her SNAP Agency romantic suspense series.

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Fatal Code is reminiscent of cold war spy thrillers and riveted me to the page as I rooted for Kekoa and Elinor to expose secrets, survive danger, and fall in love.” — Elizabeth Goddard, bestselling author of the Rocky Mountain Courage series

“Warning: once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down!” — Andrew Huff, author of the Shepherd Suspense series

“Enough suspense to make you need warm milk and a cozy blanket to calm you down.” — Jaime Jo Wright, author of The Souls of Lost Lake and the Christy award-winning novel The House on Foster Hill



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Spoilers Ahoy!

4 of 5 Stars

Part of what first drew me to Fatal Code is the fantastic cover design. I don’t think I can say enough about how much the right cover will pull your potential reader in. For me, (besides the fact it’s done in shades of my favorite color) there is a real sense of motion in this cover, which fits perfectly within the themes of the story. Fatal Code is the second installment in Natalie Walters’ SNAP Agency Series, but can be read as a standalone. I picked up enough clues early on, namely an established couple with heavy backstory other characters referenced. At no point did I feel lost in Walters’ world as we dive right into the Elinor’s grandpa and what’s happening with Kekoa and the agents at SNAP. 

Fatal Code begins with a funeral from the perspective of an unknown. We get the sense he’s an assassin or working for a “big bad,” but he is also reluctant to harm Elinor, the woman who might be his next target. Elinor, meanwhile, is oblivious to the danger slowly gathering around her. She’s not even aware that her new neighbor, Kekoa Young, is a government agent. To be fair, Kekoa wasn’t aware he’d find himself compelled to look after Elinor, before she became his official assignment. As enemies begin to close in around them, Kekoa and Elinor begin to fall in love. But can their love survive the web of secrets and lies?

I loved Fatal Code, not just for the intriguing plot and romance mixed with suspense, but also its charismatic characters. Natalie Walters has a genuine gift for crafting characters you can laugh out loud with and grieve alongside, characters that seem to truly breathe. Personal favorites for me were Kekoa, Garcia, and Lyla from the SNAP Agency. Every character in Fatal Code stands out in a refreshing lack of two dimensions, but Kekoa and his friends took over every scene they appeared in with a helpful dose of fantastic banter. Best of all, I got the sense these three would normally be background characters, but each clearly holds their own. Like most stories with an ensemble cast, sometimes it’s the extras that truly elevate a novel.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the romance, and the characters, I wasn’t fully aware this was a Christian Suspense novel. I enjoy most inspirational stories, but I have a hard time believing in the realism of bad guys (or government agents and former military) not cursing now and then. Having met people in similar professions and backgrounds (including my spouse), it’s typically a rarity to find genuine morality. Yet everyone in SNAP and beyond seems tamer than what I’d expect in reality. Something I wish I saw more often with Christian novels is characters closer to what you would meet in the real world. To me, that would make characters like Elinor and Kekoa, who live by faith to stand out even more. It makes the message even stronger, though I can understand why most readers of Christian fiction would prefer a fully clean read. Please keep in mind that while this is my opinion, there is so much to love for fans of suspenseful romance and adventure, with just the right sprinkling of inspirational message. I highly recommend Fatal Code and look forward to reading more from the talented Natalie Walters.

**I was provided with a copy of Fatal Code by the author and this is my voluntary and honest review.**

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Author Pic Walters

Natalie Walters is the author of Lights Out, as well as the Harbored Secrets series. A military wife, she currently resides in Texas with her soldier husband and is the proud mom of three. She loves traveling, spending time with her family, and connecting with readers.



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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Fatal Code by Natalie Walters

  1. Thanks for a great review! It’s funny to hear someone say they WANT explicit language in a story, but I totally get what you’re saying about it adding a level of realism to it. You are absolutely correct, I think, that many people in these kinds of jobs mutter more than their fair share of expletives. I for one am happy to not have it, which makes reading Christian fiction a safe place for me to go — and sounds like this book would be a great way to escape.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol yeah, I’m weird like that! For me when it comes to language or pushing the envelope, it all depends on the genre I’m reading. Absolutely, readers who prefer Christian fiction, or even cozy reads will love this. It’s grounded just enough but with a slight techy twist. So if you love NCIS and similar shows this should be your cup of tea 🙂


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