Teaser Tuesday: Craving Beauty

Vynasha rocked with him beneath the barn overhang, within the snowdrifts, and whispered against his skin. She uttered forbidden words her mother had whispered to her deep in the night, in that strange musical tongue Vynasha had half forgotten. She remembered it now as the darkness stirred beneath her skin. “We must be careful, my starling,” Mother had made her promise. “Be oh, so careful. To give life, we must always sacrifice.” The little body in her arms did not grow cold as it should have. It shuddered against her in spasms. Vynasha squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the little hands clenched her arms in a tight grasp. Wyll sucked in a hoarse gasp as he breathed new life. The little boy whimpered and then spoke as though back from a long sleep, “Asha?”

Want to read Blackbriar Cove?

If you've read Silver Hollow, or been wanting to read it (it's free on Amazon, whoop!) we're now offering reader copies of Blackbriar Cove. I am so excited to share and hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it, friend.

Teaser Tuesday: Craving Beauty

Vynasha ignored the way the snow soaked through her house slippers. She’d forgotten her boots and her coat. But the darkness still clawed at her skin, begging to be set free. She didn’t dare turn back. 

Teaser Tuesday: Annwyn Park

She had only loved two men in her long life. Drustan betrayed her in the worst possible way, and she hadn’t found the courage to contact him after hearing of his resurrection in Blackbriar Cove. But Henry… a part of her had truly believed they may have a second chance. Before Amie’s coronation and botched ball, afterward. The night all her dreams came crashing down around her yet again.

All you need to know about Dalriada Valley!

Dalriada Valley is finally LIVE! Well it's official, folks! I've published yet another sequel in the Borderlands Saga today. I should preface by saying it's a miriacle this book came to life. Two years ago, I honestly believed I would need to say goodbye to publishing altogether. Once again, I'm publishing with very little fanfare. While... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday: Dalriada Valley

It wasn’t as though Jo had forgotten who and what they were. But life as a human had been easier in so many ways. Faye never quite let her forget, and the life their parents presented for Amie’s sake had been false. But there had been moments when Jo could close her eyes and almost believe.

Teaser Tuesday: Dalriada Valley

Hello and welcome back to a new Borderlands Saga teaser! It’s been nearly a year since I last published one of these (to avoid any major spoilers for Blackbriar Cove). But with the publication of Dalriada Valley right around the corner, I wanted to share some of my latest book baby.

Those of you who already saw this in my newsletter & social (or the recent website theme 😉 have already had the lovely privelage of seeing this gorgeous cover design by Qamber Designs. But I'm so in love with Dalriada Valley, and all the covers in the Borderlands series, I wanted to give it some... Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Baby Blues

At the beginning of the summer on May 25th, I gave birth to my daughter. I had planned and prepared and struggled through a difficult pregnancy. But nothing could have prepared me for the trial of these past couple of months. 

Baby Countdown & Carpe Diem

I don't know if you ever completely shake the pressure or responsibility of being a parent. It has definitely changed my perspective on so many things. And it also makes me grateful for all the little moments in between.

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