2020 Publishing Sabbatical

Neither of us is giving up by any means. Instead of letting the news keep him down, I'm so proud to say he's been working just as hard to become better and apply again. But it has also put a major shift on my #writinglife trajectory for 2020.

Angel Blue Release Blitz!

  Angel Blue: Season One Jennifer Silverwood (Seven Deadly Sins, #1) Publication date: August 14th 2019 Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy All Eanna wants is to forget the night she lost everything, but fate has other plans. A lifetime ago, the cursed burned her home and everyone she loved. Now she’s haunted by a dangerous legacy.... Continue Reading →

Angel Blue Release: Part 3

Episode 3 of Angel Blue is here! Can y'all believe it? I confess to being a wee bit in shock/awe. I learned so much through publishing this serial. Angel Blue is this one of the oldest manuscripts I've continually worked on. It's also my first serialized novel, and it's had the most editing, while somehow managing to be... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Angel Blue Episode 3

Happy #teasertuesday! First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has picked up and read Episodes 1 & 2! If you've had a chance to begin reading your copy, I hope you're enjoying the fun ride so far. Today I wanted to feature a teaser from Episode 3. No easy feat, since most of... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Angel Blue Episode 2

Happy #teasertuesday! I wanted to again extend a huge thanks to everyone who helped share the release of AB: Episode 1 the other week. I hope those of you who picked up your copy have been enjoyed the intrigue and danger Eanna and the gang face. I plan on releasing Episode 2 in a few more days,... Continue Reading →

Angel Blue Release: Part 2

Like I said before, I like the number 3 and the "rule of 3's." Yesterday, I announced the release of the first of three episodes for my serialized urban fantasy, Angel Blue. Yesterday I introduced you to Eanna's world and the last seven houses of the chosen. Today let's meet the cast! Xpresso Tours Book Blitz... Continue Reading →

Angel Blue Ep. 1 Release Day!

I like the number 3 and the "rule of 3's." That's why there are three episodes in my new urban fantasy, Angel Blue. There are a proposed three seasons for the Seven Deadly Sins serials. Also, for three lovely days, Xpresso Book Tours is hosting a book blitz for the big release! I hope you're ready to help me... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Angel Blue

Happy #teasertuesday! How are everyone's writing projects going? If you're running on low steam, I encourage you to dive into a good book. Look at art and listen to music that enriches your soul. Sometimes the world around us is very could at sucking the soul out of the people in it. It's our job... Continue Reading →

Calling My Fellow Bloggers!

Hey everyone, hope my Northern Hemisphere friends have been keeping cool as things heat up out there. In Texas, it's about as hot as hell, but we're used to it 😉 On to my big news! Most of y'all know I've been working hard on Angel Blue, my Adult Urban Fantasy serial novel. Episode 1... Continue Reading →

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