RELEASE DAY BLITZ ANNOUNCEMENT I'm very excited to share Melissa Wright's newest release with you, "King of Ash & Bone". I've been a huge fan of Melissa's work, ever since I picked up the first of her Frey Saga. She has a gift for wit and characterization, and manages to suck me into her fantastical worlds... Continue Reading →

A raw blog post.

A raw blog post.. : A.K.A. MOST Amazing Dream Story EVER Colleen Hoover is a success story, but that's only part of her tale. She's a dreamer and a wonderful, passionate author and I'm proud to say I read her first novel, Slammed, before it made it to the "big time." She has remained one... Continue Reading →

Words from Wonder Women

"Success isn't about winning everything; its about achieving your dream, be that teaching middle school or flying. And no matter what we as individual women want, no matter our goals, we have to support one another." - Zosia Mamet I always have enjoyed certain magazines. Its been a surprise to find these nuggets of wisdom... Continue Reading →

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