A Writer’s Journey ~ Facing Fear

Originally Posted on We Write Fantasy: A Writer's Journey ~ Facing Fear I have a confession to make. All writers, no matter their success or failures face the same inner demon. Even now, it is difficult to put into words the occasional bone-deep, mind-numbing fear we have to write. Crazy isn't it? Our greatest passion and... Continue Reading →

A Year Writing Summed Up ~ 2017 Edition

Originally Posted on We Write Fantasy: A Year Writing Summed Up ~ 2017 Edition 2017 began with a lot of excitement and good intentions for me, writing-wise. Last year I published the sequel to my dark fantasy retelling of Beauty & the Beast and December 2016 was a mad-cap race of online tours and mailing swag.... Continue Reading →

Keeping the Pace

A bit of brilliance from K.M Weiland,The point is: the character must have a goal to move toward. If he doesn’t know where he’s going and why, his actions lose importance in the eyes of the reader. Ifyou don’t know where he’s going and why, you need to figure it out, either by outlining the scene... Continue Reading →

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