Book Review: The Mischief Series by Amanda M. Thrasher

This is normally the place where I'd say "welcome back friend!" but today I'm the one returning to blogging and social media in general. A month ago I had my baby girl and entered a world of sleepless nights which bled into endless days. I had honestly somehow forgotten how much work a newborn is!... Continue Reading →

Blundering Authoress

Occasionally, even a "professional" makes a blunder. I found mine earlier tonight. While being ecstatic over the response to Silver Hollow (hey, it's been my baby this past year!) I decided to go back and review the story a bit. And I discovered something very odd indeed. Part of the first chapter was missing... Yep, you... Continue Reading →


Faeries and Unicorns and Gremlins, oh my! Beware of more than a smidgen of silliness. Prepare yourselves to explore a world you only think you know with the most unlikely of heroines.Come join Amie Wentworth's adventure into Silver Hollow and see if you too can uncover the mystery.I'm super stoked to announce that you can purchase... Continue Reading →

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