Stay, a love story

A few years ago, I wrote a love story simply titled Stay. I wanted to explore the subject of love because I had been in a very bitter and cynical position for some time prior to it. So like any true scholar, I decided to do some research. I thought there had to be a... Continue Reading →

Weddings, Work, Writing

If you saw my Facebook post recently, I hinted at the many exciting things that are soon to come! Some might say there is no excuse to not update a website in nearly a month, but I can offer solid proof otherwise. Exhibit A being that I'm getting married very soon. So you can imagine... Continue Reading →

It’s A Love Story… No, not a love song written by Taylor Swift. I'm talking about my novel, "Stay." It's your typical formula. A girl and a guy fall in love. Obstacles arise and you are left to wonder if they will triumph in the name of love, or fall like Romeo & Juliet. This month, I'm going... Continue Reading →

February, Loves & Cliche’s: P1

It's about to be February, a month that our culture has conveniently transformed into another holiday "event." Go figure... This month is markedly different for me. For the first time in my life, I'm sharing Valentines Day with my boyfriend. What a wonderful, crazy thing!Falling in love was the last thing on my mind this... Continue Reading →

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