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If you saw my Facebook post recently, I hinted at the many exciting things that are soon to come!

Some might say there is no excuse to not update a website in nearly a month, but I can offer solid proof otherwise.

Exhibit A being that I’m getting married very soon.


So you can imagine the mad world I’m in right now, for any of you have been involved in or participated in past weddings. They are a creature of pure unadulterated chaos, no matter what anybody says. But I do seek to enjoy the little moments. Like hunting for cake toppers…


And trying to find the way back through Hobby Lobby Wonderland…


Meantime I’ve been trying to get a handle on real life changes, besides the matrimonial sort. Such as reading entire novels. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful it is, finding time to actually read??

Keeping up relationships with family and friends has, in some aspects, never been simpler. Especially when you get texts and calls relating to aforementioned matrimonial plans. ;p But that’s what this experience has taught me more than anything, this is a family affair. And that means we all get to revel in its mad-wonderful moments!

So how does this affect writing? Well, like I said earlier, my Goodreads goal is getting a fine catch-up. I don’t know if I’ll make 60 books this year but if I can keep this up I might make it! I’ve always heard that to be a prolific author or authoress, one must immerse themselves in the written word. Some snobs might only count “literature” in that quota. But I like to read books that stir my imagination and creativity. That’s one of the best gifts authors can give one another, I think, like passing on a torch of inspiration.

Here’s a few of my recent finds:

Last but not least, if you’ve visited my Amazon, B&N or Smashwords pages, you might have found a few titles lacking. I can’t tell you the reasons why at the moment, but I promise they’ll appear again, brighter and polished to glimmer this time!

So from the land of weddings, work and writing, I bid you another temporary farewell. This time, however, I won’t be quite so far away. And who knows, I might seek y’all out the closer the big party looms…

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