Big News!

So I've got a couple of great pieces of news tonight. First off, Stay is completed, done, finito! My fabulous editor, R.J Locksley returned the completed manuscript and revisions of her edit and all those little finishing touches, only took me two hours this go round. Then again, Stay is half as long as Silver Hollow.... Continue Reading →

“Official” by Qamber Designs

I'm calling this post "Official" because that's exactly what my fabulous designer, Naj, is helping me become. I simply had to share with y'all her latest creations. Feel free to grab these and post them on your websites/blogs if you like. Just write/comment and ask me first, so I can see them for myself on... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year everyone!Well we survived another year, (Take that ancient Mayans 😉 Wonder what apocalyptic threats we'll face this year? Zombies? Cyberdine finally bombs the world and enslaves humanity? Whatever the odds that come, I have high hopes that 2013 is going to be our year. :)Earlier my family watched a giant hawk land on a telephone... Continue Reading →

Blundering Authoress

Occasionally, even a "professional" makes a blunder. I found mine earlier tonight. While being ecstatic over the response to Silver Hollow (hey, it's been my baby this past year!) I decided to go back and review the story a bit. And I discovered something very odd indeed. Part of the first chapter was missing... Yep, you... Continue Reading →

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