Happy New Year everyone!

Well we survived another year, (Take that ancient Mayans 😉 Wonder what apocalyptic threats we’ll face this year? Zombies? Cyberdine finally bombs the world and enslaves humanity? 

Whatever the odds that come, I have high hopes that 2013 is going to be our year. 🙂

Earlier my family watched a giant hawk land on a telephone pole, holding vigil over our land. My uncle told me to include that in this post as a sign of good things to come. And who knows? Maybe it is? 

New Years is a time for looking back and looking ahead. Like glancing at the history of our lives, we take into account the things we’ve learned and try to apply that to the kind of people we want to be. 

That’s my message to y’all and myself. Look back but don’t live in the past. Look to the present, keep in mind the future. Above all, keep following your dreams. Everyone starts from somewhere. 🙂



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