Qeya: Heaven’s Edge I

I actually never intended to start out with a novella, it just sort of happened like this: lol
I was signed in with Yahoo contributor hoping to gain experience writing articles and wrote a short science fiction story. And for fun I thought I could base it off of the first fully realized story I wrote as a kid. When I was nine and we bought our first computer I was totally into the sci/fi fandom. So it makes sense they were what I started writing in. The book was just a collection of short stories about a group of kids who get stranded on a crazy planet. 
You can guess the rest…
So when I attempted to submit the darn thing it kept coming back to me. Already a member of the Kindle world I quickly became thoroughly ticked and made my own retribution hehehe… lol 
original pastel by me!
And here it is. 
Hope you check it out! It’s only .99 for cryin’ out loud! Not all of us can afford to post our work for free! 
Feel free to drop by your criticism later! But keep in mind I wrote it for myself and for fun. 
Expect more adventures to come!
Najla’s Editing at work!
And check out Najla Qamber’s editing of my original artwork! Brilliance 🙂 Though anything having to do with digital anything amazes me still. So check out her blog at ( http://najlaqamberdesigns.blogspot.com/ )

(ooh, and p.s, if you haven’t already figured it out, you can find the link in the post title!)

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