Page 200!!!

Drum roll please….

I am pleased to announce I’ve just arrived on page two hundred of my big novel, Silver Hollow!!!

Ask any writer and you’ll quickly learn writing a book isn’t always easy. Sometimes the words just spew out of you like a possession. Something takes a hold of your fingers and you flush out fifty pages in the blink of an eye. And other times you are stuck at a fork in the road, sinking into a mudhole along the trail, unable to write worth a lick!

For two months this was the case with Silver Hollow. Qeya, my novella was born out of that writer’s block. So I suppose some good came of it, and it got me sketching again.

But how glorious to finally punch out these pages! Maybe I will be finished by June, God willing!

What is Silver Hollow, you ask?

Well it’s a fairy tale, a romantic comedy, drama, supernatural satire and probably a few other genres I’m too uneducated to recognize…ahem…

Needless to say I’ve been pouring my heart soul and prayers into this little baby. We’ll see how she turns out!

And for those of you who are still clueless on the DATS of my current project, here ye are lads and lassies!

Amie Wentworth was just your average run-of-the-mill, right-side-of-thirty gal. She was a semi-successful writer, living close to her three best friends and dealing with the usual case of writer’s block.
Until she ran into a tall dark and handsome mystery man, received a letter from a long lost English Uncle and was mugged in the back end of her alley and brought back to life, that is.
Now to save her life, and hopefully retain her sanity, Amie makes the long haul to her father’s homeland. After an adventure frought with regrets and intrigue she arrives at the safe haven of Silver Hollow.
A place of ancient traditions and characters worthy of Wonderland.Where everything is exactly the opposite of what it seems.
And the commercial writer gets a fine dose of her own frenzy.For everyone who imagined the impossible and dared to dig up their childhood dreams…

 til next time-


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